Unexpected Ways A Janitorial Service Could Benefit Your Business

Unexpected Ways A Janitorial Service Could Benefit Your Business

With recent concerns over the cleanliness of public spaces and work domains, the janitorial industry as a whole, has seen a significant increase in demand. However, while you might not realise it, there are other ways in which hiring a janitorial service could be of benefit to your business, aside from simply keeping it clean:

1. Creating A Positive Impression

Give your customers and any other visitors to your business premises a favorable impression of your company and its standards, by maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

2. Reducing Employee Absenteeism

According to The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, or ISSA, a hygienically clean and tidy workplace can reduce employee absenteeism by as much as 46%, and not just because it minimizes the spread of germs and viruses, but also because it creates a more comfortable atmosphere to work in.

3. Keeping The Workplace Clean To A Higher Standard

Asking your own employees to run a duster around their workspaces when they can find the time, is not the same as having a professional company coming in and carrying out such tasks as industrial carpet cleaning. With a janitorial service, you can ensure that all cleaning is carried out to a high standard thatmeets the requirements of many modern industries. Not only that, but they can clean in an eco-friendly way, which will minimize the negative impact your business may have on the environment.

4. Boosting Safety And Security

While this benefit may seem a little obscure, it does make sense. Studies have shown that an untidy or dirty workplace does nothing to encourages employees to clean or tidy up after themselves. In turn, this creates a hectic, unkempt atmosphere in which the likelihood of internal or external theft or vandalism occurring, is heightened.

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5. Saving Both Time And Money

Here are just some of the ways in which hiring a janitorial service can help you reduce costs and free up time:

  • Professional and routine maintenance of floors, equipment and other workspace fixtures and fittings will mean that they last longer and don’t need to be replaced so often.
  • With reduced absenteeism thanks to a professionally clean and tidy workspace, you can enhance the productivity of your employees, and your company as a whole, and encourage less time wasting.
  • With employees able to focus on their jobs and not be distracted by cleaning duties or the sight of a dirty, unkempt workspace, they can focus their valuable energies on more profitable tasks.

6. Assisting With Special Projects

Offering so much more than mere routine cleaning and sanitation services, professional janitorial services can also assist you with a range of more specialized tasks, such as deep cleaning of carpets or stripping and waxing floors. You can even call on their help if you’re shifting premises and need to leave the space you’re vacating clean and tidy.

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits to be had by businesses of all shapes and sizes, when hiring a janitorial service. If you truly value your employees, clients and business as a whole, it could prove a worthwhile investment.