How to Use a Floor Jack Properly

A floor jack is a tool that is used to life the car and changes its tires or to check the undercarriage for any issue. Using the floor jack, any corner of the car can be lifted and since most of the new ones use hydraulics, the process becomes much easier.

Here is the easy method of using floor jacks along with jack stands and wheel chocks:

  • The first thing you need to do is ensure that the vehicle is parked on a solid surface. Also, ensure that there is no debris, oil or any dirt on the surface that can hinder with the floor jacks. Ensure that the gear level is in Park and the parking brakes are engaged. Use wheel chocks appropriately before lifting the vehicle. If you are lifting the front, place the wheel chocks at the back.
  • Ensure that the floor jack you are using is in good condition. Check if the release valve is properly closed. Test the functionality of the jack by pumping the handle a few times and then turning the release value to slowly lower the hack. You are then required to locate the jacking points in your car where the floor jack should be placed. These are usually found before the rear wheels and a little behind the front wheels.
  • Then, place the floor jacks under the jacking points in your vehicle. Use the handle to lift the vehicle by pumping it. Ensure that the pumping action is smooth and steady. If you hear any unusual sound when jacking the car, release the valve and check the vehicle again.
  • Lift the vehicle to a point where you can work comfortably. Give a little nudge to the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is fully supported by the floor jacks. Once you have completed the work, remove the jack stands safely by removing the jack stand and steadily rotating the valve to lower the jack.

To learn more about floor jacks and how to pick the right one for yourself, you can visit Floor Jacks Center for detailed information.