Washing Machine, It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Letting go is never easy especially if it’s something you love and has been making your life easy for years. But like everything in life, there will come a time when you have to let it go and find something new. No, this not about a new relationship with another human being, but a relationship between a human and their washing machine. This amazing invention has made life easier for families around the world for decades. So, it is no wonder some people hang onto their favourite machines until they simply can’t wash anymore. For a Whirlpool washing machine or any other, taking care of it is one way to prolong its life expectancy but when serious operational problems arise, then you should not continue using it. You want a machine that washes every load of your clothes efficiently. So here is when you know it’s time to let go:

Just buy a new washing machine

Most modern washing machines are expected to last between seven to eleven years, at most. But as they age, they start succumbing to wear and tear, become more outdated making it harder to find parts and repairs for old models can be expensive. Once your washing machine hits the five-year mark, start preparing for the possibility of more problems arising. While you might want to persist with repairs because you don’t want to get rid of a reliable machine, the amount of money you spend on getting it to work for a few months will only increase. This is even more so for a top loader washing machine that has parts that are difficult to find, and repairs are sometimes just the same price as purchasing a new machine. You will be better off shopping for a new Whirlpool washing machine to set your mind at ease for the next decade. A new machine that is efficient and helps you save extra money will be worth it.

Watch out for those leaks.

The second you notice any leaks coming from your washing machine while doing laundry, this should already send bells ringing in your head. While a minor leak can be repaired, most are caused by a loose connection, a cracked tub or a worn-out hose from years of use. There are also other rubber seals in the washing machine that might also be worn out. A hose connects the washing machine to the water source and may be broken by the excessive pressure from the water and vibrations of the machine over the years. Another reason your machine might be leaking is because of a large load which inhibits the tub from spinning and turning. Worn out hose can cause a delayed cycle that causes the drum of the machine to not fill up with water. This might mean that the filter of the machine or its intake valve needs to be repaired or replaced. If getting a replacement does not work, then a technician will be able to assist you with the issue, but this will not be a long-term solution.

Silence is golden

Most brands of washing machines promise ninja level silence. They encourage you to watch your favourite drama series while doing the laundry with zero noise to disturb you or to even do laundry at night while everyone is asleep. While this is possible for some brands, a noisy machine can disturb the peace, and can drive even the sanest of persons to insanity. A machine that is not placed on a level surface may cause the tub to rock back and forth and hinder the spinning, causing the machine to stop working or display an error. You can also adjust its feet or put a board or platform under the short corner to minimise rocking. With older machines, the noise is infinitely worse. It may sound like a rocket about to shoot off into space at any second. This noise is caused by a variety of reasons which includes worn out pulleys and belts, loose drum and motor mounts, and even worse might be the transmission and clutch which might cost more to fix than getting a new machine.

And one more thing

If the drum is having difficulty being filled with water, then there might be a problem with belts or the switch of the lid that automatically loads the water when closed. This will also cost some money, but this will not bankrupt you as parts are readily available depending on the model of the machine.

Now what?

Before purchasing one, you need to work out and understand the budget you will have as well as know what you will need the washing machine for. This will help you decide if you will go for a semi-automatic machine or opt for a fully automatic one. Your decision will also be influenced by the settings of the washing machine offers which usually include Hand Wash, Delicate and Wool. These settings can help you wash your clothing the way that you want. As people try to limit their carbon footprint, brands have had to invest in energy and water saving washing machines. An economical washing machine will allow you to save on both without affecting its efficiency and performance. A large family will see you gravitating towards machines that will allow you to wash a larger load while still being efficient in washing the clothes. Size is one of the most important aspects of a machine besides its efficiency because of where you will place it. A top loading machine has a different shape to that of a front loader so keep the size of your machine and space available in mind. And lastly, don’t forget to research the effect of the drum’s material on washing the clothes. There are stainless steel drums, plastic and porcelain enamel at varying prices. At MHC World, you can find various washing machines to select from to suit your needs.