Ways To Let Go Of Stress Before You Close Your Eyes At Night

You don’t want to hit the bed feeling heavy. It won’t only affect the quality of your sleep, but how you feel as you wake up the next day. You have to make it a point to let go of everything that caused stress during the day and treat the next day as a new challenge.

Talk to the person who caused you to feel stress 

If it’s your partner who has been the reason why you feel stressed out, you need to let your partner know it. It doesn’t matter if you argue terribly. You will still feel good once you have released your emotions. It is better to do things that way than have a hard time sleeping because there are too many things that bother you. If someone from work bothers you, send an email or chat with that person. In either situation, there’s no need to rush the reconciliation. The goal is for you to feel relaxed before you sleep.

Write about how you feel

There are several ways to express how you feel. One of them is through writing. Use your preferred words. The idea is for you to say everything that’s inside your heart, whether it’s good or bad. It’s a good alternative to a direct conversation with the person who stresses you out. Once you finish writing about your feelings, it will make you relaxed before you sleep. You can keep the journal, or you can throw it away.

Go for a walk 

Find a local park or anywhere where you can walk for a while. It helps to breathe fresh air before you sleep. You can also assess how your day went when you go for a walk. It’s also good to be away from the people at home for a while, especially if they’re also among the reasons why you have such a terrible feeling now.

Take a hot bath

Nothing beats the feeling of being alone in a tub while you feel the heat in your body. Invest in a bath tub or buy a steam shower. You need a few minutes at night to be alone with your thoughts. You face many people throughout your day, and it’s the only opportunity for you to do nothing at all. You don’t have to please anyone or pretend to be someone you’re not.

You can do one or all of these things before going to bed. You don’t need to spend several hours doing each one of them. A few minutes should be enough as long as you make it a habit. The problem when you sleep with a heavy feeling is that it will lower the quality of your sleep. When you wake up the next day, it will feel like you didn’t sleep at all, and it becomes a cycle. Worse, stress can take over and you won’t have any reason to be grateful in life.