Are Wetrooms Suitable For Children?

Generally, children love bathrooms far more than their enthusiasm for actually using them would predict. Trying to get them to wash effectively can be like trying to use a chocolate teapot. You get water everywhere and everyone ends up stickier than when you began.

Wetrooms are waterproof

Children love the splashing aspect of washing and adore getting everything wet. Wetrooms need to be fully tiled with high quality ceramic or porcelain tiles. Underneath, the tanking system ensures that any water that manages to seep through is carefully channelled away into the main drainage system installed underneath the wetroom floor. The result is a beautiful room that you can let the kids splash in as much as they like, without you stressing that they’re flooding the kitchen below.


Some children don’t like getting in baths because they feel trapped by the high, slippery walls. They may dislike showers too, because they are confronted with cubicles that are dark and pokey. A wetroom is, in essence, a room sized shower cubicle which gives these advantages:

  1. Your child doesn’t feel trapped under the shower spray
  2. There’s no soggy curtains to flap
  3. There’s no sliding door to jam or trap fingers
  4. The lighting is as bright under the spray as in the rest of the room
  5. There’s plenty of room for you to share the shower if you and your child prefer
  6. There’s no trip hazard of having a step to get in or out of the shower
  7. There’s no glass to get broken.

Wetrooms are warm

Many wet-rooms are fitted with under-floor heating underneath the floor tiles. This means that the floor is always warm to walk on and allows splashes to dry quickly. Children feel the cold far quicker than adults do – especially when wet. If your bathroom is cold and poorly heated this can make it hard to get your children to undress for a bath or shower – and once in they don’t want to get out into the cold air or stand on the cold tiles. Under-floor heating creates an even air-temperature and eliminates cold floors.


Traditional shower-rooms rely on glass doors or plastic curtains to stop water from splashing into unprotected areas. A wetroom does away with all that and provides a single, easy-to-clean, area which can be kept hygienic with far less effort. Gone are the bacteria harbouring nooks and crannies where the shower-cubicle meets the wall. Gone are the mould encouraging shower-curtains that always seem to have those hideous black specks on the them whatever you do to prevent it. A wetroom is a healthier environment which makes it ideal for children – especially young ones who are inclined to poke their fingers into all sorts of unforeseen places.


How can you have a wetroom without a drain? Well you can’t really, but with modern methods you can have a narrow, tiled, slit instead of a drain grill which minimises the chance of trapped fingers – and lost toys!

Ultimately, the decision of whether a wetroom is suitable for you is a very personal one, but having children shouldn’t preclude you from considering it.