What Are The Important Facts About Smart Light Switches?

What Are The Important Facts About Smart Light Switches?

It might rapidly become expensive to switch out all the lights in the house with a smart bulb, suggests experts dealing with homekit light switch. However, a smart light switch is a simple approach to give a room’s lighting some intelligence.

Once installed, you’ll be able to use voice assistants from multiple applications such as Google and Amazon to control your lights from a distance, automate activation, and more, just like you would if you had fully functional smart lights.

Smart Light Switch:

An old light switch is swapped out for a smart one. You can remotely or, using voice assistants, turn that switch on and off once you connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Your light bulbs only need to be linked to that switch; they don’t even need to be smart bulbs. Smartphone apps that offer setup, schedule, dimmer, and control choices are included with smart light switches.

Geofencing, which utilizes your phone’s location data to automatically turn on lights, is frequently included in applications. The application has different functions depending on the brand, but normally it has the same features as apps for smart light bulbs.

It’s important to note that certain manufacturers of smart lights offer light switches made expressly to function with their smart bulbs.

Before purchasing a smart light switch, make sure to carefully read the specifications on the package. Otherwise, you can be stuck with a switch that only functions with smart bulbs.

Smart Light Switches V/S Smart Light Bulbs:

The transition to smart lights has several advantages. Although it costs more than a smart light switch, installation is simpler, and upgrading from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs will save your electricity costs.

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Additionally, smart light bulbs allow you to experience a wide variety of colors in your house that are otherwise unavailable. Nevertheless, a smart light switch provides the same automation, remote control, and voice activation conveniences as smart light bulbs.

In general, smart light switches are less expensive than smart bulbs. Even if the fixtures are far from the wireless range, smart light bulbs might not be a practical alternative.

Because switches may also regulate outlets, these smart switches may be able to automate a variety of appliances. In addition, smart switches occasionally have useful extras like motion sensors, lighting, speakers, microphones, and built-in voice assistants, in addition to enabling other devices. The switches might become very practical on their own because of these.


Now that you know the basics of smart switches, hopefully, you can choose the one you like and give your home lighting system some intelligence. While providing many of the same capabilities, smart light switches are a great, affordable option for replacing a home’s whole collection of light bulbs.