What Are The Key Benefits Of Downsizing?

What Are The Key Benefits Of Downsizing?

With thousands of homeowners up and down the country struggling to keep up with the ever-growing costs of running a home, it’s no surprise that some are actually moving into a smaller home. Studies have shown that in 2019 the UK saw the largest-ever spike in energy prices, with no certainty on how energy prices will change in the future it may be time to consider finding a much more affordable home to live in. Read on to find out more about all the benefits provided by moving into a smaller home.

Cheaper Than Paying Off Your Full Morgage

With mortgage payments being a huge financial commitment in our lives it’s highly important that we have adequate income to support these payments. Have you ever calculated how long it will be until your home is fully paid off? Some of us may just be 50+ years old until the day where everything fully paid off. mortgage payments can also work out to be a hefty chunk of our yearly salary you may want to take the time to consider if your mortgage repayments are right for you. In certain cases it is much more affordable to hire removal companies in Gateshead and simply move into a smaller home. This will help keep your mortgage repayments to a minimum meaning you have more money to spend on the things that really matter to you.

Heating Your Home Will Be Considerably Cheaper

Heating the home can be very expensive, while it would defiantly be cheaper to just wear another layer it’s no secret that we all love coming home to a warm home. If you make the decision to move to a smaller home you will find that it’s much more affordable to keep your home at a temperature where you can casually walk round in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter, wouldn’t that be amazing! With much less space within the home, your central heating system doesn’t have to work anywhere near as hard to heat the home to that sweet spot of a temperature where we feel cosiest at.

Less Time Spent Cleaning The Home

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Let’s be honest, no one enjoys getting the vacuum out and completing a full house clean, it can almost feel like it takes days to clean and in a matter of no times, it’s just as dirty again. By choosing to downsize you will find that you have a lot less space within the home to clean which may even result in the time spent cleaning being cut in half. Saving time cleaning just means you have just freed up much more time to go enjoy your favourite film with the family, alternatively, go out on a long dog walk. Whatever you decide to do with your new-found free time is completely up to you.

The Ability To Design Your Home Exactly As You Wish

Moving into a smaller home isn’t just all about saving money and time, it can also provide you with the total freedom to design your home exactly as you wish. Downsizing is a great option for so many families as it gives you the opportunity to have a complete redesign. With there being a reduced amount of space to decorate it gives you the option to spend more on the furniture and other decorations until you finally have the interior design scheme that you have always dreamt about.

Freedom To Move Exactly Where You Want

When deciding to downsize you will gain the freedom to move to a location which best suits you. As you are moving into a smaller home it means it works out to be much cheaper than your existing home. With this reduced overall house price, you will now have a lot more option when deciding where you would like to chose your new home to be. Why not move closer to the city centre? Or maybe move closer to family and friends? The option is completely up to you.


Infographic provided by Oncourse Home Solutions, a central heating system repair company.