What Are The Main Services Provided By Water Restoration Companies?

What Are The Main Services Provided By Water Restoration Companies?

Are you experiencing water damage? Whether it is high magnitude water damage or minor water damage, engage a professional emergency restoration service. Note that that Short response time is critical. If you don’t ensure a fast response, you will soon be dealing with massive water damage on the property.

To understand why hiring an emergency restoration company is critical, we look at what services emergency restoration offers. Keep reading for a complete overview of the services provided by the professional restoration services whenever there is water damage.

1. Removing The Floodwater

The first question the professional team tackles on arrival at the site is what caused the flooding? Therefore, the experienced team will review all possible causes, but cautiously. Before attempting to stop water flow, the team will inspect any live electrical connections to ascertain it is safe to control water flow.

The next step is to stop flooding at the source. Bear in mind that any attempts to remove flood water without eliminating the cause will be in vain. Therefore, you need an experienced professional to examine and ascertain what exactly could be causing the flooding.

Next, professional staff will begin undertaking the removal of floodwater. Removal of floodwater is done using industrial-grade equipment. The use of specialized equipment ensures fast and efficient operation.

2. Mapping The Moisture

Upon removal of all stagnant water, the next stage involves mapping of the extent of water damage. Mapping is essential so that the professionals will know the areas that require drying. Moreover, during the moisture mapping exercise, the team will look out for the areas susceptible to mold growth. To map the water damage correctly, licensed restoration services will use advanced infrared and digital imaging equipment.

3. Drying And Dehumidification Service

Another essential service offered by the professional restoration service is drying the moisture. Commonly referred to as the dehumidification process, the service involves industrial extractors, large drying fans, and dehumidification equipment. Therefore, the exercise ensures proper and effective drying of the property while paying particular attention to all property corners. The specialized drying equipment targets walls, ceiling cavities, and all areas where traditional equipment will not reach.

Therefore, it is essential to hire professional restoration services trained to use the IICRC recommended equipment and adhere to the recommended standards.

4. Superior Sewage Cleanup Services

Water damage will sometimes involve severe damage to the sewer system. Do not forget that the sewer line carries toxic waste that is hazardous to your health. In that regard, you must act as quick and engage professional emergency restoration service who can handle such damages. The IICRC certified professionals are adequately trained to extract and remove wastewater from the property and carry out treatment on the affected regions.

5. Inspection And Removal Of Mold

Mold growth is imminent whenever the surface is wet for at least 24 hours. After drying the area, you need a professional restoration company to treat the property against mold and mildew. Bear in mind that any residual stagnant water creates a thriving environment for mold. Therefore, appropriate countermeasures should be carried out within the shortest amount of time. To protect the surface from mold growth in the future, professionals apply a specialized fungicide. The exercise ensures adequate sterilization making the surrounding unfavorable for the growth of mold.

6. Provide Recommendations And Rechecks To Prevent Water Damage In Future

The damage restoration company comes with years of experience handling different types of water damage. Therefore, building from experience, the professionals can advise you on the best approaches to prevent future water damage. For instance, an inspection of the plumbing system helps identify any burst pipes that could have caused the water damage.

However, note that natural causes of water damage like stormwater may be unstoppable. It is essential to follow the meteorological department’s advice to prepare for eminent water damage situations.

Professional restoration services provide an essential service when it comes to handling water damage. Therefore, in case of water damage, engage the services of a professional company. Using the recommended industrial-grade equipment and the professional experience, the company shall assist you in dealing with water damage. Besides, a professional damage restoration company offers advice on how to mitigate water damage in the future.