What Are the Most Common Kinds of Industrial Furnaces?

What Are the Most Common Kinds of Industrial Furnaces?

As people’s requests increase daily, science tries to meet those needs by improving in many different fields. Furnaces are becoming more and more widespread as a practical tool to heat houses and make a convenient area for you and your family. You may see different kinds of furnaces specialized for other homes with additional needs suitable for most customers. But the application of furnaces does not limit to houses! According to a technician of furnace in Mississauga, new and high-quality furnaces are designed to support different industries. Industrial furnaces are unique because of their performance which increases heat amount significantly. Industrial furnaces method of working is different according to customers’ needs. They can use various sources, but in the end, the result is to achieve a high specified temperature. They also differ in their temperature range which gives you a wide range of choices. If you are thinking about having industrial furnaces, it’s highly recommended to read this article which describes different kinds of industrial furnaces.

Box furnaces: This industrial furnace is available in two different sorts, including gas and electric versions. They are usually used for industrial and laboratory usages because they constantly filter a considerable amount of materials. If you seek an option suitable for curing, tempering, and heat-treating, box furnaces can be a wise choice.

Bell furnaces: this kind of furnaces usually benefits from different types of heating systems such as gas-fired, electrical heating, or thermal recirculation. They offer guaranteed safety, and you can still use them with multiple bases. The main features of bell furnaces are about formed parts of steel plates. They offer you tempering, stress decreasing, normalizing, etc., about those steel plates.

Forging furnaces: the usual and primary usage of this kind of Industrial furnace is pre-heating. Forging furnaces can pre-heat different types of enormous steel ingots, parts, and blooms by radiation. The cost differs to their specific features; for example, some of them have automatic charging and discharging, which makes your work easier and quicker.

Quenching furnaces: you can purchase quenching furnaces in gas-fired or electric models, which gives you the ability to make fasteners, gears, construction, bearing components, etc. The basis of this kind of Industrial performance is quick and controlled cooling. Also, they contain an enclosed heating chamber to prevent any unnecessary low-tempered processes.

Pit furnaces: they are also known for top load furnaces, which are used in producing machine building, wind energy, aircraft parts, etc. You can choose them in many different sizes and two models, including gas-fired and electric ones.


Tempering furnaces: they can complete and improve the performance of quenching furnaces. Their main usage is to control temperature levels to stay uniform. Tempering furnaces are used to heat metal products, and also they benefit from indirect fuel contact.

Remember that if you find any of those industrial furnaces suitable to your needs, you need to consult with a furnace professional to make sure you make the best decision.