What Are The Side Effects Of Illegal Use Of Marijuana

Young people face numerous challenges every day and situations in which they have many different choices and need to make a decision on what to do, which society to choose, where to go, how to spend spare time, etc. Marijuana is a very affordable drug and can be obtained anywhere. It is offered on the street, in the club, around the school, although rarely even at school. Hippie Grow Shop wants you to know more about illegal use of marijuana.

A large number of young people will find themselves in a position to make a decision: to refuse or not to refuse the offered marijuana. When people generally make decisions in life, they use some information, knowledge and attitudes that they already have about the situation. Where do young people learn how drugs work? Many young people believe that marijuana is not harmful. Messages that are offered are different and confusing. On the one hand, parents defend themselves because they say it is dangerous and often are so scared that you cannot believe that it is so scary, and on the other hand there are allegations that it is taken because “everyone is taking” and because it is “cool” and lately it has been referred to as a medicine that cures all illnesses.

The school is talking about it here and there. On the Internet you can find real things, there are different addresses, some advocate taking, some you offer (business is a business), and many scientists competing with each other instead of giving answers to the questions are further confusing. And so when we add it all together, unfortunately; The amount, type of information and the way in which information is transmitted, contribute to the positive or neutral attitude of a significant proportion of young people to marijuana. This increases the likelihood that the offered drug will not be rejected.

Myth: The legalization of marijuana will not increase its use

The first myth or misconception about marijuana is “Legalization of marijuana will not increase its use”. The truth is the opposite. Legalization in all cases leads to an increased use of drugs, because most people try to do what is allowed. An example is the ban on alcohol from history. It is true that alcohol-related crime at that time was high, but the number of alcohol addicts, and so the social problems associated with alcohol, was incomparably smaller than today, and cirrhosis of the liver was a rarity. Similarly, the number of cigarette smokers fell significantly only when they were forbidden to smoke in public places, although the sentences were not so drastic.

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