What is Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning & Advantages of Hot Water vs Cold Water

What is Pressure Washing & Pressure Cleaning & Advantages of Hot Water vs Cold Water

Not all pressure washers are created equal. Pressure cleaning systems are divided into two distinct categories: hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers.

Hot water pressure cleaning units are particularly expensive when compared to cold water pressure cleaning units, for this reason alone there are fewer hot water pressure cleaning service operators. Any individual or company offering hot water pressure washing or pressure cleaning services can offer a large scope of works over cold water operators.

Hot water pressure cleaning is a powerful energy source particularly when a more cleaning power is needed. This energy causes a reduction in the surface tension allowing it to easily and more effectively penetrate the molecules of grease, grime and organic material. The high temperature water, as well as the steam produced facilitates the dissolution of oily dirt, even without the addition of detergents, cleaners or other toxic chemicals.

Pressure washing or pressure cleaning is the use of high pressure water jetting used to clean various exterior hard surfaces. The surfaces include but are not limited to; hardwood, painted surfaces, metal fencing and roofing, concrete, brick, paving, vehicles and machinery. Pressure washers vary greatly from low range (1000 or so psi) to high range (in the several thousands of psi).

Pressure washers may either operate using cold water or hot water. Hot water units can also be used cold. Hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning has numerous advantages over cold water pressure washers and pressure cleaners. In most cases cold water units require the use of chemicals and many of them can be toxic, having said this when used by competent professionals they are safe to use. Hot water pressure washers and pressure cleaners require far less, or even no chemicals to be used to obtain the same and in most cases a far better result than that of a cold water unit.

Hot water pressure cleaning is a non-polluting, safe, more effective, efficient and more dependable when compared to its cold water counterpart. Hot water pressure cleaning offers a more robust pressure wash, pressure clean and soft wash outcomes.

The very nature of hot water passed under pressure provides a deep clean that passed well beyond the surface area being cleaned in a way cold water simply cannot achieve. Importantly, hot water is able to kill deeply embedded dangerous mould spores, algae and moss without the use of toxic chemicals.

Hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning makes better sense and has an enormous advantage over cold water where building exterior washing is required and the presence of organic material is present, it far more effective cutting through grease and oil as well as stubborn set-in stains. Like washing greasy or oil pots and pans, hot water cuts through and breaks down fats whereas cold water merely pushes it around from one area to another.

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Hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning better for your health, it’s better for the environment at its 100% toxic-free so it makes this option the only option when used in close vicinity to stormwater systems, natural and man-made water ways, creeks, national parks, beaches, schools and other educational institutions.

This being said cold water is recommended where high volume low pressure applications are needed to remove built-up or excessive mud and debris or when stripping away paint. Cold water is also recommended on metal surfaces (especially Colorbond), plastics, glass, and on synthetic turf.

Another advantage gained through the use of hot water pressure washing and pressure cleaning is brought about by the operator needing to be onsite for less time resulting in less cost to the customer.