what Is Ringlock Scaffolding And Why Has It Become So Popular?

Within the world of construction, there is a lot to learn. Even professionals who have worked in the industry for years or even decades can’t really say that they ‘know it all’.

In fact, within the realm of just one area of construction, there are many processes, options and choices to learn about.

Scaffolding is one area of construction which is essential to most building and construction projects.

And like most other areas of the construction industry, scaffolding is also making technological advancements. One example of this is Ringlock technology.

Ringlock technology has become popular in recent times, however, you may be unsure as to what it actually involves and why it has gained such popularity.

To answer these questions let’s address the following topics:

  • What Is RingLock Technology In Scaffolding?
  • Where Did Ringlock Scaffolding Originate?
  • Why Has Ringlock Scaffolding Become So Popular In Recent Times?

What Is Ringlock Technology In Scaffolding?

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is known as a flexible and adaptable scaffolding system.

Similar to other scaffolding types such as Kwikstage and Cuplock, Ringlock scaffolding is made up of prefabricated components.

Each of the components which make up Ringlock scaffolding has been designed with a specific purpose in mind and has been manufactured to deliver on that purpose.

Ringlock has a unique design which makes it stand apart from other scaffolding types.

The central connector point for Ringlock scaffolding is a rosette-type shape which allows for quick installation.

As well as this, it is easy to adapt this type of scaffolding to the needs at the time.  Ringlock scaffolding also has the ability to cater to complex geometries.

Where Did Ringlock Scaffolding Originate?

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding originally originated in America.

Since then it has spread to many other countries making it a global front-runner in the world of scaffolding and construction.

For many construction sites, Ringlock scaffolding has become an attractive alternative to the other more common choices that have been around for a significant amount of time.

Why Has Ringlock Scaffolding Become So Popular In Recent Times?

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock has several features which make it attractive on a global front. Let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.

  • Strong And Robust

Made from high strength galvanized steel which offers strength without excessive weight, Ringlock scaffolding is attractive and versatile for different types of sectors and environments.

In addition, this choice of scaffolding can be used offshore and cope well in extreme conditions making it an excellent choice in many locations

  • Impressive Flexibility

The unique design of Ringlock, as described above, means that it offers a level of flexibility which is truly impressive.

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This allows it to cater to geometries which are more complex and challenging.

  • Ease Of Installation

One feature of this form of scaffolding which is extremely appealing to workers within the construction industry is the ease of installation which it offers.

Ringlock scaffolding is known for being quick and easy to install. The fact that the scaffolding is already prefabricated adds to the speed of installation.

When this feature is coupled with the extent of flexibility which is offered, it is easy to see why it has become such a popular choice in recent times.

  • The Potential To Increase Productivity

Closely linked to the above features is the benefit that Ringlock scaffolding can bring to productivity levels on site.

Thanks to the speed of installation, the versatility of the scaffolding and the strength provided, Ringlock scaffolding allows for increased productivity when it is compared to the process of installing a traditional tube and fitting scaffolding.

Since productivity is such a key element of all construction projects, this one advantage alone can make a significant difference.

  • The Bottom Line On Ringlock Scaffolding

Indeed, the construction world has many aspects to it and each area requires a high level of expertise.

Within the world of construction, decision-makers need to make choices which ultimately affect the whole team, as well as the speed and success of the project as a whole.

Ringlock Scaffolding

One key area of a project which is often required is scaffolding.

While there are many choices available, we can certainly say that there is an abundance of good reasons why Ringlock scaffolding has become such a popular choice in recent years.

Offering a choice which is strong and robust, has unrivalled flexibility thanks to its unique design, boasts ease of installation as well as the potential to increase productivity, it’s pretty clear that Ringlock scaffolding is worthy of consideration.

We hope that we have provided you with enough key information to help you make an informed and wise choice that will have a significantly positive impact on your current and future construction projects.

If you are looking for knowledgeable and experienced scaffolders, who have leading-hands that work together with you and offer expert advice, please contact us at Skelscaff today on 1300 266 607 or email us at contact@skelscaff.com.au.