What is the Best Available Apartment Storage Solution?

What is the Best Available Apartment Storage Solution?

There are many benefits of on-site apartment storage for property owners and renters alike, but finding the best storage for your property can feel like an uphill battle. The storage solution market is a large one, but it’s important to know that not all storage bins are created equal. It can be tempting to go with storage that features wire mesh because it seems to be the most cost-effective at face value, however, wire mesh storage leaves a lot to be desired. 

The Problem with Wire Mesh

Wire mesh leaves a lot to be desired in many different departments. For starters, wire mesh offers little to no coverage or protection from the open air around it. This means your renters’ belongings are left vulnerable to the bugs, dirt, and debris in their surroundings. The lack of coverage and protection also leaves gaps in security and privacy. Wire mesh is see-through, meaning very little separates your tenants’ belongings from wandering eyes or thieves looking for an easy come up. Renters looking for properties that offer on-site storage are often looking for safety and security along with it, and are less likely to find wire mesh storage bins worthy of a rental fee. The lack of coverage and design of wire mesh can also be seen as messy and unkempt, turning off potential future renters. 

The Bradyl Difference 

Bradyl Storage Solutions brings beautiful, affordable storage options to apartments. Bringing sleek design together with high quality and durable storage your renters will love. They are the best on the market, because they bring the highest quality to any budget, and can even be comparable in price to undesirable wire mesh storage bins. 

  • The Bradyl Box-  Turing previously unusable air space above vehicles into extra space- and extra income. The Bradyl Box is a free-standing parking space storage box featuring adjustable legs to fit over any car or SUV, and most sized trucks. The Box offers 80 cubic feet of storage space and can support up to 900 pounds of extra belongings. It’s made of steel and gives your renters private, secure, and safe storage for their things. They bring a sleek design to tour property while providing a safe space for your tenants.
  • The Bradyl Bin-  A more traditional take on apartment storage, the Bradyl Bin is a locker style storage solution for your property. A great way to turn unused space into a secure storage solution for your tenants, the Bin offers private and safe storage lockers on-site and easy accessibility to their belongings. You can even customize the doors to match any color scheme and add a timeless design to your property. 

Truly the Best Available

Bradyl Storage Solutions is the best storage for apartments on the market, giving their customers high-quality storage options while keeping the price competitive at any budget. Adding storage to your property not only provides a sought after amenity for tenants and future renters but gives you an extra monthly income bonus. The Bradyl Box is a perfect option for properties looking to add storage without having the extra space lying around to install traditional locker style storage. They fit perfectly into standard sized parking spaces, allowing you to offer personal and secure storage without intricate installation or construction. The Bradyl Bin is a great solution for properties looking to turn their unused space into secure storage bins for their tenants. Either option gives a sleek design paired with high quality, durable, and secure storage designed to last through multiple turnovers. Visit Bradyl to get started on your storage solution journey.