What is the most Robust Shift Handover Software in the Market?

What is the most Robust Shift Handover Software in the Market?

The shift handover software is a form of the modern software tool that is utilized by many companies to improve the shift-to-shift communication among workers. The need for shift software  came into play when due to Poor shift handover, the ravaging and destructive incidents took place in many companies.

This makes it a necessity to have a robust shift scheduling software in companies.

Shiftconnector : the Reliable shift Handover Software

Eschbach’s shift connecter software is considered as one the most reliable and efficient shift handover software. The Shiftconnector escalates leading companies through frictionless shift integration. The shift handover software makes communication available for 24/7.

All shift projects are documented in real-time and has to present the information clearly when the shift changes. The shift handover errors can be rectified through enhanced communication with the shift software; it provides :

  • Customized forms to match plant operations.
  • Frequently track and improve asset utilization and OEE.
  • Information is captured and stored, which can be audited.

Features of Shift Connector

Shift Notes

Shift notes let you manage your workforce in a much better way by helping you to build an efficient weekly work schedule for employees. Also, it betters streamline staff communications. Your team will be able to stay in touch with messages, group chats, manager shift notes and other announcements. By shift notes now employees can have access to their schedules at any time and anywhere. This way, easy communication of events can be achieved and can keep the whole team up-to date.


This feature helps in scheduling the cross-shift of employees according to the requirement. This system lets employees know about their allocation in other departments in real-time.


Help in informing workers about work instructions and other special regulations in real-time.

So it is easy for employees to understand the task beforehand.


Updating and binding the current documentations properly for the next shift workers. So they are updated with the performed tasks and know where to start. This function helps distribute the responsibilities in a proper way to each shift worker.

Morning Meeting

All required information is prepared beforehand with status for the smooth running of the morning meetings. The quality of the collected information can reduce these morning meetings to 2-3 times per week.


The Infoboard is a web-based SMS solution developed for smart communications to help facilitate fast, efficient and effective dissemination of data and information to the target communities. The Publishing of useful information can be done via a digital notice board.

Inspection Rounds

This function helps to prepare checklists for organized execution and keep a recording of inspection rounds.

Data Analysis

Detailed analysis of data is obtained by data analysis feature of shiftconnector software.

Customizable analysis of data and lists is always ready for use.

Rights Administration

Adjustable approvals and positions can be incorporated with Windows Login.


An electronic signature is a legal way to get consent on electronic documents. The virtual signature can replace a handwritten signature in the digital process—a Simple proposal of binding signatures from teams and personals.


It can perform Customization on tools according to specific countries such as time zones, calendar, languages, and different formats for time and date.

Software in Market

Companies that rely on Shifconnector

By using Shiftconnector®, the interactive shift book, all information documenting the current performance is available transparently in substantial time. Important information is permanently maintained and is securely and quickly available at all times.

A wide range of corporations from pharmaceutical and chemical groups, production and manufacturing lines to the automotive industry and suppliers are profiting from Eschbache’s software solutions such as shifconnector software.

Below is the list of some leading companies who take the assistance of shiftconnetor software for shift handover.


Ascensus is a chemical manufacturing company based in Elma, WA is now adopting shiftconnector shift scheduling software to co-ordinate effective shift handover. Shiftconnector has replaced office tools, such as outlook, excel etc. which were used previously in Ascensun company for shift handover.


Covestro, a material manufacturing industry has adopted digital shift log software in 90 of its production plants. The advantage of this digital change directly reaches to the staff in the production plants.


DSM is an international life science and chemical company. The company participates in the production of additives to animal feed and their foodstuffs, cosmetic and pharmaceutical primary products, polymers, elastomers and other high-performance materials. By digitizing their shift handover using shiftconnector, the company is able to maintain its production rate during the pandemic.


Eschbach’s shiftconnecter software has been proven to provide its services for practical solutions to work shift issues in several manufacturing industries. By adopting this digitization method over manual shift work scheduling, the risk related to poor shift handover has become almost minimal. The shift handover software should be adopted by every company with a good number of employees and colossal production rate.