What Parts of My Home Can I Pressure Wash?

What Parts of My Home Can I Pressure Wash?

Like many others, you’ve seen the satisfying pressure washing videos online, and you want to get your home pressure washed by a professional. However, you’re not sure where to start. Your driveway seems like a good option, but where else can you use pressure washing on your home?

Parts of Your Home You Can Pressure Wash

• You Can Pressure Wash Your Roof

If you want to “wash” your roof, the process actually requires pressure washing! This helps remove dirt, moss, and mildew which can eat away at your roof so that you get a leak. So, pressure washing your roof is actually pretty important!

• You Can Pressure Wash Your Fence or Deck

Even if your fence or patio is made of wood, pressure washing them can be an effective and safe option for quickly restoring these old and dirty parts of your property.

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• You Can Pressure Wash Your Exterior Walls

Your home’s vinyl siding, brick exteriors, and other wall materials can all be pressure washed. Cleaning these large, flat portions of your home can make a big difference in the overall look of your house!

Parts of Your Home That Shouldn’t Be Pressure Washed

Any list of sites around your home that are unsafe to pressure wash will be incomplete since there are simply too many variables to produce a definitive list. It is advised to avoid power washing any surface that is near an electric source (yes, this even includes areas that are otherwise okay to clean this way).

Furthermore, using that miraculous cleaning wand on your vinyl siding is a no-no if there are surrounding plants that might be easily destroyed by the water stream.

You should avoid pressure washing the following areas:

  • Decking constructed of composite materials or that has been stained
  • Stucco, painted, or brick siding
  • Automobiles
  • Light fixtures
  • Electrical panels
  • Heaters/AC systems
  • Windows
  • Gutters

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