What Should Foreign Real Estate Buyers Be Ready For In The Crescent?

What Should Foreign Real Estate Buyers Be Ready For In The Crescent?

Dubai welcomes an uncountable number of tourists and foreign investors annually. As the metropolis is divided into several neighborhoods, it is possible to choose the one with the most suitable atmosphere and facilities. Many investors prefer apartments for sale in The Crescent for relocation or saving and increasing their budgets.

However, Dubai is a city with its own atmosphere, with interesting rules and customs, skyscrapers to the clouds and innovations of technological progress. Life in Dubai is not limited to a definite neighborhood, for example the Crescent. The metropolis has a lot to offer for those who prefer to live in a stylish residence in the Crescent and explore the vast surrounding territories. So, it is highly important for foreign citizens to stay up to date with remarkable facts about Dubai and its districts.

Top 7 Remarkable Facts About Dubai

Dubai boasts of multiple architectural masterpieces with «the most» remark. To follow this trend, we have gathered 7 of the most enthralling facts about Dubai in the UAE.

  1. Dubai is a city of absolute safety.
  2. Friday and Saturday are the weekends in Dubai.
  3. Robots are used as jockeys in Dubai.
  4. Dubai has a museum dedicated to coffee.
  5. A UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in Dubai.
  6. Dubai has launched a subway without a driver.
  7. The government of Dubai has introduced the “Ministry of happiness” to control the level of happiness of the population.

To make these rough facts alive in your imagination, let`s have a closer look at each of them.

Dubai Is A City Of Absolute Safety

Dubai is the7th safest city in the world according to experts: it has a low crime rate and high level of well-being of its residents.

Cameras are everywhere in the city: in the streets and parking lots, in shopping malls, even in cabs. Calls and Internet activity are monitored. It sounds like total control, but it doesn’t really bother anyone. The authorities want to keep people as safe as possible and are only looking for those who actually break the law and stage cyberattacks.

Friday And Saturday Are The Weekends In Dubai

Relocating to the Crescent, you should know that the working week in the UAE is completely different: it starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday, and on Fridays and Saturdays the residents of Dubai have a rest. It is religiously constructed: for Muslims, Friday is considered a day blessed by Allah and a time of obligatory prayer.

On Fridays and Saturdays, schools, government and state institutions and small stores are closed in Dubai. But shopping malls, cafes and entertainment venues are open seven days a week.

Robots are used as Jockeys in Dubai

Traditional camel racing in the UAE has long ceased to be a tradition and has become an official sport. But in Dubai, the camel races are not simple: the camels are not driven by humans, but by robot jockeys.

It used to be that the riders were always children. A child weighs little and does not load the camel in any way, so it can develop maximum speed. But because of the high number of injuries and the new law that prohibits the participation of minors in the races, the riders were replaced by robots.

Dubai has a Museum Dedicated to Coffee

Dubai attracts visitors with multiple museums. One of the most important is the museum dedicated to coffee. There are more than 1,000 exhibits related to the history of the drink: old coffee machines, paintings and photographs.

And in the museum store you can buy everything for making coffee: books with recipes, barista equipment and unusual coffee varieties.

A Unesco World Heritage Site is Located in Dubai

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El Ain with a thousand years of history is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You need to spend some time getting to the old city, but it is definitely worth it. El Ain is the 4th most populous city in the UAE and is considered to be the only major city that is away from the coast. Its name translates from Arabic as “garden city”: there are many parks, alleys and squares.

El Ain’s list of cultural sites includes Jabal Hafit Mountain, the Hili Archaeological Garden, the ancient Bidaa Bint El Aziz settlement and the area’s oases.

Dubai has Launched A Subway Without A Driver

Have you ever witnessed a subway without a driver? If not, Dubai will amaze you. The Dubai Metro is another landmark in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is the longest subway line in the world that does not need a driver: the train is controlled automatically. The total length of tracks is 52 km and there are 29 stations.

But the subway in Dubai is not exactly an underground transport. Only 4 stations are underground, the rest are located on the ground or bridges.

The “Ministry of Happiness” to Control the Level of Happiness of the Population

Dubai became the first emirate to launch a Ministry of Happiness. UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid believes that people’s happiness should be a goal, not just a wish.

To analyze the level of happiness, the following actions were performed:

  • Working on different spheres of people`s life
  • Identifying happiness as a flexible concept
  • Creating artificial intelligence for analyzing comments in social networks
  • Improving education, medical services, and entertainment opportunities.

The government introduces more and more advanced technologies to make the lives of citizens more comfortable and simpler.

The Results

The Crescent, as one of the popular neighborhoods of Dubai, makes residents face the same fascinating and unusual features of the foreign culture. Buying apartments in the Crescent, you get a valuable chance to experience new emotions. The real estate agency AX CAPITAL offers reasonably-priced housing units in the district. Do not deny the opportunity to purchase the profitable real estate in one of the most developed cities in the world