What Size Tankless Water Heater Do You Need?

What Size Tankless Water Heater Do You Need?

Installing the right size tankless water heater system can be extremely important. In order to maximize the efficiency of your hot water system and make sure that you have a consistent supply of hot water throughout your home, the right size tankless water heater is important. Here are some of the top considerations that an expert will make when gauging which size tankless water heater you will need.

Flow Rate

The flow rate for your water heater comes down to the needs of your home. Most of the tankless water heater designs are made to restrict you to just one or two activities that involve hot water at a time. Larger size tankless systems will allow for more hot water flow at a time. Explain to a plumber the total number of hot water heater uses you may need a peak time such as when your family is getting ready in the morning and they can recommend the ideal system for flow rate.

Temperature Rise

A water heater will also need to be installed to manage the temperature rise and seasonal shifts within your area. A water heater will often be customized to suit your needs for climate and average temperature requirements.

The good news is that the space requirement for a tankless water heater is fairly universal. Most of these units require just 20 inches of width and they are considerably smaller than older style water heater designs. This makes them very convenient for installation.

When we consider these two main factors, a tankless water heater can be picked out for your needs. Choosing a system that is perfect for the needs of your family or your occasion will make sure that you will get the maximum amount of energy efficiency while still generating just the right amount of hot water. Contact us today if you would like to discuss the ideal type of hot water heater for your needs.

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