What to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is an important project, like any other in your house. Therefore, planning is an integral part of the process. You should have a laid-out plan to avoid ending up with a bathroom that does not meet your standards. Here are things you should consider before your bathroom remodel. 


This point probably sounds like a cliché, but it is definitely important to put it into consideration. If you don’t have a budget, you might end up splurging unreasonable amounts of cash on remodeling your bathroom.

Stick to your design throughout the whole process because when you go shopping for equipment, you might be impressed by other designs that are pricier. If you want to save more money, you can decide to be a DIYer where you use things that you already have in the house to make designs that will enormously change your bathroom look.

If you are entirely remodeling the bathroom, which includes demolishing and building it again, shop around for an affordable contractor. Contractors charge differently, with some overcharging for procedures that you can do by yourself.

Check out online companies and physical shops to get a contractor who fits your budget. Also, choose one who is reliable and can perform all the major tasks.

Size of the Bathroom

Another critical consideration to put in mind before remodeling your bathroom is its size. The size will determine if the design that you are envisioning will perfectly fit in it. Measure its width, length, and height. This tip is also important when purchasing equipment to avoid buying equipment that cannot fit in your bathroom.

If you more space in your house, you can move a wall to get extra space. Size also helps in determining the number of tiles that you are supposed to buy. Therefore, taking measurements is an important process before demolishing your bathroom.

It is crucial to have your height in mind when measuring the size of the bathroom because you need to install accessories that are of the right height. You don’t want to put your cabinets so high that it is hard to find products.

The Design

After taking notes on your budget and measuring the size of your bathroom, it is important to consider the design that you want. It is essential to write or draw it down as a guide in the process. The designs include the type of tiles, sink, bathtub, cabinets, drawers, knobs, towel holders, and decorative baskets, among others.

The design should scream your sense of style. One of the significant design examples that tremendously change the look of a bathroom is installing quality showerheads. Choose the best showerheads, and you will love the result of your bathroom look.

Another significant design in the bathroom is installing a tankless water heater. This heater is amazing as you will be showering with the right temperature, yet your bathroom will not be cluttered with a water heater tank. It is important to list down all your designs before shopping. This will help you when shopping as it makes work easier, and it helps you stick to your budget.

Bathroom remodeling is a personal decision, meaning that you are not restricted to a particular design. You can move from vintage to contemporary or vice versa. Therefore, write down every idea that you would like to execute, and then forward it to your contractor.

Niches for Toiletries

After you have known your design, you should plan for toiletries. The design that you love might include leaving storage space for toiletries and soaps on the wall. This means that space will be left on some parts of the wall to make storage slots.

You can decide to form a beautiful shape and tile it, forming a space where you will place the toiletries, or you can fit in a cabinet. Both ways are decorative, and they give your bathroom an interesting look. Also, mark the places that you would want to add extra storage such as shelves.

The Floor

Changing your floor can be the only remodeling step you take, yet the significance will not go unnoticed.  Therefore, it is important to consider your floor before remodeling your bathroom. If you already have high-quality tiles, you can keep them, and in turn, save your coins.

However, if you want to change your floor, you should consider settling for something that is bathroom friendly. In the shower, use smaller tiles as they are not slippery, and they offer more traction. Outside the shower area, use larger tiles that provide a decorative function to your bathroom.


Darkness is unflattering for a bathroom. Therefore, it is vital to consider the size of the window. Having a large window is essential as it helps more light to come into the bathroom, and in turn, giving it a sense of life. Consider getting a frosted-glass panel, as it offers privacy and allows fresh air to come in.

Water Piping

It is destructive to interrupt the flow of water into the house when remodeling the bathroom because a pipe broke. Learn how the pipes that supply water to your bathroom are fixed to avoid such cases. Let your contractor know this information.

It is possible to change the location of your sink and shower in the bathroom provided you know the water piping route. Learn how they have been fixed and then come up with ways that you can protect the pipes during the remodeling process.

This tip also comes in handy with the light piping. When changing light fixtures, it is important to insulate the pipes to avoid casualties.

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the ways that people take to change the look of their houses. The whole process makes you connect more to your home, and you get a chance to express your sense of style. However, you need to have the considerations mentioned above in mind for better results. This guide makes your work easy during bathroom remodeling.

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