What Will Keep Spiders Away?

What Will Keep Spiders Away?

Spiders are an integral part of life in Australia and can act as pest control solutions in your garden. However, no one wants to see them in their home. So, what Spider Control techniques can help you keep these pests away from your home? There are a number of effective ways you can use to keep these critters out.

1. Use White Vinegar

Vinegar spray can be used as an organic Spider Control Sydney treatment. It has acetic acid with a sour odour and taste and spiders are sensitive to it. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and use a spray bottle to spray around your home.

2. Use Horse Chestnuts

Horse chestnuts also repel spiders. It is recommended to place a few on the windowsills and they will prevent spiders from entering your home. While citrus peels will need to be replaced within 48 hours, chestnuts have their effects lasting longer.

3. Use Mint

Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to water and spray all over your house. This is a powerful Spider Control method and can also help keep most bugs away. Additionally, your home will also smell great. If you don’t have the essential oil, take some dried mint leaves and crush them and place them in sachets in areas with high spider activity. Mint tea bags can also be used as alternatives. It is further recommended to plant mint leaves near all entryways to your home.

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4. Use Citrus Peels

Citrus also has strong acetic acid properties and spiders are especially repelled by it. It is a good thing that these pests hate the odour of all kinds of citrus fruits including lemon, grapefruit, and orange. Use the following steps for Pest control Sydney:

  • Rub citrus peels on the window sills, doorways, baseboards, and anywhere you find spider activity
  • You may mix a few drops of citrus essential oil in water and spray all over your house
  • You may also place citrus peels near locations where spiders are highly active.

5. Use Cedar Oil or Wood

You can use a combination of all the methods mentioned here to keep spiders and other bugs out of your home. Cedarwood or oil is another substance you can use to get rid of these critters. There are different ways you can use this strategy:

  • Add cedar mulch around your home’s perimeter
  • Use a mixture of cedar oil and water to spray over the exterior of your home
  • Use items made of cedarwood in your home, as the wood emits its natural fragrance

Spiders are repelled by the smell of cedar and you can use this method in combination with some of the others mentioned above.

Besides using these Spider Control methods, it is important to keep your home clean, clutter-free, and dust-free. When your home is kept clean, it will become less inviting to different types of pests including spiders. This will require regular dusting and vacuuming. Keep all the spaces stacked and organised and the storage areas sealed.