Where Can You Place LED Aluminium Channels?

Where Can You Place LED Aluminium Channels?

Aluminium channels, also called extrusions, are aluminium constructions made to be long and narrow. They are typically combined with light diffusers, which are the top part of a lighting fixture. They add a finished look to a bare LED strip, giving the space more elegance. Additionally, they diffuse the light, making it more comfortable for the eye. LED stripes may be very bright and painful to look at directly. Diffusers are useful because most people avoid looking directly at the source of light. If you’re interested in how to integrate LED aluminium extrusions into your household, have a look at these ideas.

Geometrical Wall Lightning

LED aluminium profiles can function both as decorative and general lighting. In the first case, you can use them to create lines, squares on chosen walls to liven up your space. A recessed wall is also a perfect place to mount LED lights. They will create shades and accentuate the wall texture.

Multi-Dimensional Ceiling

A ceiling is not typically an element that attracts a lot of attention, but it can stand out. You can use aluminium channels for LEDs in an imaginative way to light your ceiling. You can place them along the walls and in the corner. Another idea is to create a LED lights chessboard or a square alcove.

Grand-Looking Staircase

A staircase in your home doesn’t have to be only a functional element. Start with exposing their raw construction material, no carpets. Then, install remotely-controlled LED lights that will make a huge effect, especially in the evening when the whole room goes a bit grey. It’s a perfect spot for LEDs, as their brightness goes upwards, lighting up the entire space.

Functional Kitchen

A kitchen is a space where LEDs become decorative and practical. They can illuminate your kitchen cabinets, show the textures of kitchen tiles or colour or wooden cupboards, but also add more light to your countertops.

Welcoming Terrace

LED lights can help you achieve a bright terrace all year round. They go well with wooden fixtures or modern steel. You can place them on the wall of your house, or the terrace roofing. A fun element is to add them on the downside of the terrace table. If you have a seating area against the wall, you can add LED profiles behind the seating.

Visible Outdoor Steps

LED lights are also a great source of light for your outdoor steps. They’re energy-efficient and cheap, so you can have them lit for the whole time. This way, you make sure that your steps are visible exactly when you need them.

LED lighting has changed a lot in home interior design. Decorative lights used to be associated with significant expenses and luxury, but that’s no longer the case with very affordable LED light stripes. Then, aluminium profiles and diffusers make for a finished, chick design, you should consider in your home.