Why Apartments with Storage Solutions are Better

Why Apartments with Storage Solutions are Better

If you’re on the fence about installing on-site storage solutions for your apartment property, maybe this short guide will help show you the numerous benefits for both you as a property owner, and for your tenants and renters. No matter how much space you have or the budget you have to work with, there are many options for storage solutions apartment renters will love. 

Why Offer On-Site Storage in the First Place 

Secure on-site storage is a highly sought-after amenity for renters in many areas, and especially in densely populated cities. Apartment renters often have more belongings than can fit comfortably in their unit, so when on-site storage isn’t an option they can resort to stowing away their extra items in common spaces like hallways, patios, and other shared areas. This can cause an inconvenience to other tenants in the area, and ultimately make your property appear unkempt and unorganized in the eyes of potential future tenants. They can also resort to finding storage facilities off-site, which is inconvenient for them, and takes the monthly rental fees to other storage businesses their monthly storage fees instead of keeping it in your pocket. Tenants value convenience and privacy, and nothing combines the two better than high-quality storage lockers for your property. Having a designated storage area that your renters can feel safe leaving their things solves this problem, and keeps the extra income from rental fees in your pocket every month. 

Beware: Not All Storage Solutions are Created Equally

In order for your renters to feel safe storing their extra belongings in your on-site storage lockers, they need to be high quality, secure and private. Some lesser quality storage options may seem like a popular good choice, like wire mesh for example, but can backfire when tenants don’t feel they are worth the monthly fee and they sit empty and unused. Wire mesh can seem like the most cost-effective option, but there are plenty of other, highway-quality storage options within the same price range that avoid the pitfalls of wire mesh. The lack of coverage and privacy from the mesh makes them an easy target for thieves and wandering eyes and leaves your renters’ things out in the open and vulnerable. The lack of coverage also leaves their belongings open to being showered with dirt, debris, insects, and other small things that can make their way through the mesh. Taking the time and care to find a storage solution within your budget that doesn’t compromise on security and privacy makes all the difference to your renters, and helps to protect your investment in the storage solution in the first place. 

On-Site is the Way to Go 

Choosing not to offer on-site storage not only prevents you from taking in an extra monthly income but can make your property less desirable to potential future renters. When you install trustworthy and secure storage options for your tenants, they are able to keep their extra belongings close and easily accessible for when they need it, and safe and secure when they don’t. Having to find their own off-site storage facility is inconvenient, and keeps their belongings far away from home. Apartment renters value convenience and privacy, and when storage can offer both studies show they are willing to pay anywhere from $10 – $100 or more a month to use them. On-site storage is a true win-win for property owners and tenants. They keep your grounds looking clean and organized, give your renters a safe space to keep their extra belongings and put money back in your pocket every month.