Why Are Pool Covers So Necessary For Your Pool?

Why Are Pool Covers So Necessary For Your Pool?

Is a pool cover necessary? Some individuals don’t want to trouble themselves with it. After all, it is very unattractive, at least according to some of them. Others decide against installing one since the area on their pool deck is insufficient. It can even end up being dangerous if it makes the deck crowded. At the very least, if it results in someone tripping over it.

When built correctly, a pool safety cover constructed of durable materials may save avoidable drownings, frequently occurring in the blink of an eye. Ten individuals drown each day unintentionally in our nation, two of whom are youngsters who are 14 or younger, according to the CDC. Did you know that the fifth-leading cause of accidental injury fatality in the United States is drowning?

Safety is the fundamental justification for installing a pool cover. You want to prevent unintentional drowning for your family, guests, and strangers who might stray onto your property when you aren’t home, whether for an above-ground or an in-ground unit. For this, it is always a good idea to have the best quality pool covers to give a long life to your pool.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Cover Your Pool?

There are several reasons why you might consider purchasing pool covers. Here are a few examples.

  • It could aid in raising the temperature. The temperature can even rise by 4 degrees under some coverings. The pool may be warmer if it is directly in the Sun. There is no need for the water to be heated and you will end up saving more money easily.
  • It decreases the decomposition of chlorine. Chlorine deterioration is accelerated by direct sun exposure. This implies that each time, you must invest more.
  • Evaporation is slowed by it. Additionally, you’ll spend less money on water. Since the swimming pool cover shields the water and the Sun’s rays, evaporation is slowed, if not completely prevented. This would save water use and prevent potential issues, such as pumps sucking air when the water level drops below the skimmers.
  • It deters leaves. There is no need to be concerned about leaves or other debris entering the water. The swimming pool cover will take the brunt of it all. Doing this will essentially cross this task off your list of things to accomplish. Additionally, it will prevent the leaves from causing obstruction issues for you.
  • Lessen the chance of drowning by accident.
  • Decrease evaporation to conserve water.
  • Reduce water evaporation to cut down on chemical usage. Chemicals will need to be added less often the less water you need to add.
  • You may save time on maintenance by letting less trash into the pool and hence requiring less vacuuming.
  • Since most pool covers retain heat, energy expenses for heating the water in the pool can be reduced.
  • Maintain a warmer pool temperature at night so you can swim more easily.

Advice On Purchasing A Pool Cover

You could wish to use these suggestions to make it worthwhile if you believe the benefits exceed the drawbacks.

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  • Pick a color that goes well with your backyard or the area around your pool. It will appear more enticing as a result. Regardless, these pool covers come in a variety of hues.
  • Purchase a motorized rigid pool cover to make opening and closing less hassle. This way, you won’t feel pressured to stop swimming because it might be difficult to take the cover off and wear it.

Options For Swimming Pool Covers

Pool owners have many alternatives when choosing a swimming pool cover. Before choosing which pool cover to purchase, be sure to take into account the features or perks that are significant to you. Each form of the cover has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Summer Pool Covers

These are often used to protect your pool from debris and excessive temperatures and cover your pool for seasonal closures. They are held in place by water bags or weights and cannot support the weight of kids, dogs, or large amounts of trash. Thus they cannot be used as a safety measure to prevent slips and other mishaps. They are simple to install and quite affordable, though.

Auto-Cover for Pools

You can just press a button to open or close the pool cover with automated covers. They may be used for accident prevention since they are significantly safer and easier to use. They typically require expert installation and feature tracks to help them open and close.

Hidden pool covers

Hidden pool covers may be the best option if you want a cover that is invisible when retracted. There are manual, semi-automatic, and automated variants of hidden pool coverings. They can be hidden away in a safe cantilevered portion of the pool or a stand-alone home, which enhances their visual appeal.

Thermal pool covers

These work as a blanket by insulating the water and retaining heat. Additionally, they shield your pool from the light, lowering the algae’s likelihood. It’s vital to note that they successfully maintain the heat in the water rather than heating it.

Solar pool covers

The solar pool cover is possibly the most affordable and simple-to-use pool cover. These are simply lightweight bubble wrap blankets that may be put by the homeowner. They use solar energy to warm the pool during the day and prevent heat loss at night. They are easy to use and effective, and only one person is needed to cover and reopen the pool.


Safety pool covers, in contrast to certain other pool coverings, are made expressly to prevent children and animals from accidentally drowning. The pool deck’s anchors and springs hold the straps in place. Both mesh and solid vinyl materials are available for them. To determine which is best for you, speak with a reputable pool cover business. Consult a neighborhood pool service professional to get the finest information and guidance for your unique project if you’re looking to add a cover to your pool or are considering replacing the one you currently have.