Why Are Septic Tanks Recommended These Days

Why Are Septic Tanks Recommended These Days

Septic tank is a reservoir of concrete, polyethylene or other material that can collect a certain amount of sediment and waste from the driver. Its contents need to be periodically exposed to a treatment plant. MC Septics Bethany can find you the best of what your house, villa needs. There is always something that looks clear from it, it is not completely clean, which is not exposed by natural filtration. This must be understood at the precision stations, it is necessary to take into account the reason for the ability of the drainage.

A series of septic tanks for single-family and multi-family buildings with a capacity of 1m3 to 5.2m3, of high-quality polyethylene (without welding) is more than necessary.

Here Are Some Of The Most Important Advantages You Can Get From It:

  • monolithic pits without welding – 100% waterproof;
  • smooth walls – easy maintenance;
  • long service life – 20 years;
  • suitable for lawn or pedestrian walkway elevation and felt back;
  • possibility of installation of a transition pipe in the construction of a septic tank;
  • further investigate the bacteria for the external volume of the sediment;
  • standard DN 110 / DN125 inlet / outlet pipe, 500mm long;
  • possibility of upgrading superstructures – extensions with height 200, 300, 540mm;
  • locking lids;
  • completely good value for money.

For a family of four, a workload of at least 4,000 liters is recommended. This way you have to save the waste for a long time. Having as much as information before starting to work on it will help you a lot. For example, less frequent pumping of the creation and limiting effects of accidental release of toxic products.

It should be recommended that a septic tank should be distributed on 100 meters from a drinking water source – wells, dams, rivers and more. It is necessary to check how the hydraulic permeability of the tanks is in the area designated for the flood field.

Join install a septic tank to be at least 10-20 meters from the house in the direction of the slope of the terrain. The pipe, which is disconnected from the house and goes to be constantly straight – without bends, turns, curves and angles. This will successfully avoid potential clogging.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Problems You Can Get With Septic Tanks:

  • clogging of the outlet pipe;
  • pouring foam outside the shaft;
  • congestion of many sediment at the bottom;
  • closing your walls and letting them out into the soil;
  • an unpleasant odor.

A possible but not optimal solution to these problems is to pump the contents of the pit. This process is not cheap and the best is good, which is approximately 90% of the volume in the pit to be taken in pop fields.

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