Why Choose A Range Cooker Over Other Ovens?

Every home requires an oven to efficiently cook hot and delicious meals. Hot meals are essential to each and everybody’s diet, therefore it is vital that we have a resource in our home where we can efficiently cook hot meals for ourselves, our families, and our friends. Without an oven in your home, you could only eat cold meals and live an unhealthy lifestyle, or you would have to eat out at a restaurant or somebody else’s home every time for a hot meal, which would be highly expensive and would most likely irritate the person who’s oven you would use. This is why pretty much everybody has an oven in their home. Not only do ovens just cook meals, but they also can save you money and provide an excuse to pursue a hobby of cooking.

To provide hot meals in your home, we suggest that having an oven is the most important appliance you need. However, to cook a variety of different meals, your kitchen almost certainly needs a hob. A hob provided you with the opportunity to boil, fry, deep fry, simmer, and much more to food. It is almost as important to have a hob in your kitchen as it is to have an oven. Without a hob and an oven, you would not be able to cook popular and traditional dishes such as pasta, roast dinners, and much more! There are many different types of ovens and hobs available in the market for your home. Cookers are appliances that have a hob and an oven, which saves space in your kitchen, and is extremely useful. A common type of cooker is a range cooker. Range cookers are perfectly suited for those who love to cook a variety of meals or meals for a large audience. In this post, we have covered why you should choose a range cooker as an alternative to a regular cooker, or singular oven or hob.

What’s the difference between a range cooker and a cooker?

The differences visually between a range cooker and a cooker are quite apparent. Range cookers appear to be large than regular cookers and have a wider shape. Commonly, cookers doors open downwards for both the oven and the grill, however, with range cookers, the doors regularly open from the side due to the wider shape. Range cookers also can have up to around four doors and two grills, providing additional space to cook large portions of food, or different types of food at the same time. This is why range cookers are a fantastic alternative for those who love to cooker or cook for bigger groups of people at a time in your home. Due to their size, range cookers can also offer a range of alternative cooking methods, which are ideal as you can cook different foods in the most effective way for its type. Most cookers can only offer just one cooking method for the commonly single oven and grill. The variety of cooking methods is why range cookers are ideal for those looking to impress with their cooking skills.

A much more relaxed cooking experience…


Range cookers offer multiple, cooking appliances such as an oven, hob, and grill, in the same appliance. This means less movement is required in your kitchen when cooking, meaning there is less of a risk of food spillage, and keeping your kitchen safer. This is ideal for homes with young children as they will not be in the way of you whilst carrying food. It also reduces the risk of ingredients spillage, which can lead to recipes not being as delicious or efficient as planned. Having all cooking appliances in the same location in your kitchen is also highly beneficial as it can make cooking times more accurate. Not having to make a short trip between appliances means you can be at the cookers at the exact time that cooking is finished. This means less burnt or overcooked food, and more great tasting food cooked to perfection. By having all of your cooking appliances in one, your cooking experience can be much safer and more relaxing.

Buy one get two free…


When buying a range cooker, you are purchasing an efficient oven, a grill, and a hob. Essentially, purchasing a range cooker means purchasing three appliances in one. Range cookers may seem more expensive, however, the price of a range cooker is cheaper than individually buying a singular oven, grill, and hob. Most range cookers are also much more effective than singular cooking appliances as the three appliances work together to store heat, meaning the food is cooked much more efficiently. So why waste money on three separate appliances when you can get a more efficient one, with all three included? There are a variety of range cookers in the market that offer different specific features that singular cooking appliances do. If you require a specific feature in a range cooker, then enquire with your local appliances retailer. Many range cookers come equipt with the same high spec features you can get in singular appliances.

Range Cookers Bristol

It’s that time of the year where cooking a variety of meals become more of a trend as people stay in their homes more, it is important to have an efficient oven, hob, or range cooker in your home. If your existing cooking appliances are old, faulty, or you do not own cooking appliances and are interested in a range cooker. Visit Bedminster Domestic Appliances for new Range Cookers in Bristol from a variety of high-end manufacturers. This blog was written by Ben Donne, who is the marketer for Bedminster Domestic Appliances. Ben has a passion for inspiring people with his content and the growth of businesses of all scales.