Why Does It Make Good Sense To Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services?

Traditional window cleaning by using soapy water, a squeegee and a piece of cloth is still quite popular in spite of many advanced methods like using water-fed poles for cleaning at elevated positions. The cheap way of cleaning windows with soapy water and some essential tools is good for all circumstances. Moreover, the method is also safe and environmentally friendly as it does not use any harmful chemicals. However, the skills of the person cleaning the windows and the technique of cleaning contribute more to cleanliness and window life. Besides cleaning the glazing, it is essential to clean the window frames and siding to give the windows a new look. But cleaning windows by yourself might not be as easy as you might think and hire the services of professional Birmingham window cleaners can make the task easy.

Safe cleaning methods

Window Cleaning

Safety is paramount when it comes to window cleaning. Since window cleaning involves both inside and outside, cleaning windows several feet above the ground becomes quite challenging. Professional window cleaning companies use specialised tools and equipment to reach windows located very high without risking the lives of cleaners to ensure efficient cleaning in the safest way. Instead of relying on ladders only to reach windows, they use other safe methods as explained below.

Water fed pole window cleaning

Window Cleaning

This modern technique of window cleaning uses a telescopic cleaning pole that helps to access windows up to 80 feet height while standing on the ground. This method is most suitable for large commercial buildings and residential towers. The cleaning tool consists of a telescopic pole fitted with a brush and water jets. Pure water is sprayed on the windows through the water jets rope access, and the brush cleans the dirt and dust. Since pure water is best for having perfectly cleaned spotless windows, the technique is quite popular. Moreover, it is an entirely safe technique as cleaners operate from the ground only without the need for climbing to any height.

Mobile elevated platform

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Another technique of cleaning windows at a height where ladders and water-fed poles cannot reach is to use elevated mobile platforms together with water-fed poles. This is perhaps the safest method as the hydraulically operated platform can be set at any convenient height to gain easy access to the higher areas of the building. The mobile platform is large enough to allow cleaners to stand on it and move around gaining access to windows for cleaning. Cleaners can use the platform to reach up to a height of 60 meters.

Specialized cleaning methods

Window Cleaning

Different windows need different professional cleaning services Brisbane methods and cleaning agents that only professional window cleaners know.Moreover, they are trained to do their job efficiently and safely. For example, both stained glass and tinted windows require special cleaning techniques that only professional cleaners know about and can perform the task satisfactorily without damaging windows.

Professional window cleaners do a thorough job that extends window life and keeps homeowners safe from the hazards that they had to encounter if they tried to do it by themselves.