Why Liquid Limestone is Perfect for Your Home

If you’re looking to add a bit of sophistication to your home, then you should definitely consider installing liquid limestone. Liquid limestone is an attractive alternative to concrete paving that gives an upscale look to any modern property. There are plenty of reasons why homeowners are switching from plain concrete to liquid limestone and today, we’ll be discussing why this material is the perfect choice for upgrading the look and feel of your property.

 The benefits of liquid limestone

 Liquid limestone is perfect for outdoor areas in your home such as the driveway, patio, and poolside. When compared to traditional paving like stone tiles, pavers, and concrete, liquid limestone offers several benefits that these materials don’t provide.

  • It’s easy to maintain – Because liquid limestone is a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone, and other materials, it’s very durable and is resilient to cracking. Even if you use liquid limestone in high traffic areas, you don’t have to worry about the paving losing its appeal as long as it’s properly sealed. Insects and invasive weeds are rarely an issue with liquid limestone which makes it relatively easy to maintain. That, along with its naturally high appeal, means you’ll be enjoying a stylish and beautiful pavement that’ll last for many years to come.
  • It’s cool to the touch – Even on the hottest summer days, liquid limestone will remain cool to the touch. Its porous properties absorb the heat to keep the surface cool no matter how hot it is outside. This makes it an ideal choice for poolsides and other areas where high traffic is prevalent, especially when you walk barefoot.
  • It’s perfect for all budgets – Liquid limestone isn’t as expensive as you think. The quantity and composition of the limestone can be tailor-made according to your specific budget. You can take control of how you want your liquid limestone to look like no matter how much budget you may have.
  • It comes with a wide range of visual customisations – Another thing that makes liquid limestone appealing is the ability to mix and match its composition. Property owners have a variety of choices in terms of the visual appeal that they’re looking for in their liquid limestone. Mixing crushed limestone with exposed aggregates means your liquid limestone provider can create countless designs, all with different colours and patterns that match the exterior look of your home.


How liquid limestone is applied

Applying liquid limestone is fairly simple and it can be achieved almost anywhere in your property. There are several stages of the application process and we’ll go over each one below:

  • Preparing the surface to be applied on – The first step in applying liquid limestone is preparing the existing surface to which the material will be paved. Your contractor will evaluate the condition of the surface and make necessary changes to ensure a smooth application of the liquid limestone. This could mean adding more earth to level the surface and compacting the area before the liquid limestone is applied.
  • Creating the liquid limestone mixture – Once the surface has been prepared, the next stage is to mix the crushed limestone, concrete, and other chosen materials in the right quantities.
  • Pouring the liquid limestone mixture – After the mixture has been created, the liquid limestone will be poured on the leveled surface. If you choose to add exposed aggregate on your liquid limestone, the contractor will prepare the mixture before adding the decorative concrete.
  • Adding exposed aggregate to the mixture – Before the mixture dries, a surface retarder is sprayed to keep the top layer moist. The exposed aggregate is then added and once it has partially set, a push broom and a roller is used to spread the decorative concrete.

How to get liquid limestone for your home

Installing liquid limestone requires experience and expertise. Quality liquid limestone that’s built to last and one that enhances your home’s overall appeal requires a professional. Consider using a contractor that you are certain complies with local standards rather than the cheapest option available. Just because the material is affordable and versatile doesn’t make it any less permanent of an addition. It can be costly to rip up if you decide to redo a section. Someone with industry experience can create the look, feel, and finish that you want in your liquid limestone pavement the first time around.