Why Metal Stillages are Better than Wooden Pallets

Why Metal Stillages are Better than Wooden Pallets

Many warehouses across the UK choose to move and store goods on wooden pallets. However, worldwide, metal stillages are becoming a much more popular option compared to wooden pallets, simply because of the number of benefits associated with them.

If you, like many business owners across the UK, are not fully aware of the many benefits of metal stillages over wooden pallets, then make sure to read below.

What Exactly are Metal Stillages?

Metal stillages both store and transport goods, all in one structure. Generally fabricated from steel, these structures can be completely customised to suit their uses. This includes detectable side panels and open fronts for easier access, and casters for mobility.

The Benefits of Metal Stillages

Durability & Strength

Steel is notably stronger than wood and a steel stillage will weigh a lot less than a large, heavy wooden pallet. Yet, thanks to its durability, a stillage will be able to hold a lot more weight during transportation and storage.

You’ll also find that when goods are being transported and stored in metal stillage, they’re exposed to a lot less damage and are a lot more protected.

Reduce Your Business’ Wastage

When you choose to use wooden pallets that aren’t as strong or durable as steel, especially during transit, you’ll run into quite a few problems. Your goods can get crushed, damaged or dented, as wooden pallets aren’t as stable.

Metal stillages are much stronger and offer enhanced protection during transportation. This will minimise the amount of damage to goods and therefore reduce overall costs in insurance claims and the delay in supplying goods because of damage.

Wooden pallets are also very expendable and most companies readily discard them simply because they’re damaged easily. Unfortunately, this is incredibly unfriendly to the environment.

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What’s more, when wooden pallets are damaged, you’ll need to re-order and stock more. Re-ordering will take up more money, time and resources from your company, whereas a one-time investment in a metal stillage will last you much longer and the overall structures will be much more robust.

Better Designs

Metal stillages are also much more customisable and can be designed in several different ways to make your warehouse processes run much smoother.

With stackable base configurations, your metal stillages can be stacked to a maximum height which offers floor space-saving storage to further save money.

You can also add removable sides, open access, caster wheels and legs for greater flexibility.


Wood pallets are prone to rotting and decay should they be overused, overloaded or even more simply, should they get old. This can further lead to splitting and cracking, making the whole pallet unusable and dangerous.

Metal stillages are incredibly strong and will last for years thus making them a much more cost-effective purchase.

Industrial Use

Metal stillages are also ideal in an industrial setting simply because they’re so durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Added Safety and Hygiene

Finally, metal stillages are much more hygienically safe when compared to wooden pallets. Wooden pallets can get contaminated with bacteria and further lead to hygiene issues, whereas metal stillages can be easily sanitised and cleaned to remove bacteria and insects.

Wooden pallets also pose a fire hazard, whereas metal stillages will negate this risk.