Why Solar Panel Cleaning And Servicing Is So Important

The key reason is efficiency. It’s easy to assume that, when it occasionally rains in Adelaide, this will be enough to keep your solar panels nice and clean. But this isn’t the case. You’ll appreciate that, when driving a car, you need windscreen wipers to keep it clean, as well as ensure clear vision, even when wet.

It’s the same with the requirement for regular solar panel cleaning in Adelaide.

Now we’re not saying passing birds deliberately target your panels, but there will be splatter! Add an accumulation of dust, dirt, leaves and other mess during the winter months, and the build up of this accumulated muck lessens the level of light absorbed. A spring clean can avoid costly losses of up to 10% in terms of the effectiveness of your system.

Now, some people get out brushes on poles and grab whatever home cleaning products they find under the sink and have a bash at it – sometimes literally! Please don’t! Our experienced team know both the processes to follow and the specific cleaning agents to use to return a showroom-like sparkle to your investment in solar panels.

Gaining Peace Of Mind Through Professional Solar Panels Servicing

As well as keeping them clean, it also pays to have the solar panels on your Adelaide property serviced by experienced professionals. Such experts will carefully test to ensure that your system has been setup in the most effective manner, and check that all key components are functioning just as they should. A professionally conducted annual assessment can quickly deliver an accurate reading of the yield for your solar panel system.

It’s also wise to make sure your system undergoes a safety check, especially with the recent mandating of solar standards to increase levels of hazard protection, meaning that many systems are now not compliant.

The qualified electricians at Solar Servicing SA are ready to both clean and service your solar panels, making sure they can gain maximum benefit from the blazing Adelaide sunshine. If you want to discuss the needs of your property, or have any other questions you’d like to ask, we’re just a phone call away. The number to call is 0433 725 035.