Why the Kitchen Needs to Be Your Next Home Reno


Everyone wants a gorgeous kitchen, but what are the benefits of a shiny, new kitchen? If you’re looking for your next home renovation project, you should consider having your kitchen redone. Here’s why.

A Beautiful Kitchen Adds Value

Updating your kitchen will add value to the home, especially if you’re able to fix current structural or layout issues. Maybe your current kitchen is closed off to the rest of the downstairs and you’d like to open it up. This change would increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to earn your money back after renovation.

Any major changes to the layout of your kitchen would be a huge improvement and provide added value to your home. When people buy homes, they’re now looking for stainless steel appliances, attractive backsplash, and gorgeous counters. An older home probably won’t have these features, so it makes sense to update your kitchen and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

However, be careful not to add too much value to your house, as strange as that might seem. If you make your home worth more than others in the neighborhood, you will most likely lose money when you sell. Buyers are looking to spend a comparable amount as their neighbors, so you don’t want your home’s value to outstrip the neighbors’. For professional ideas, search “modern kitchen Denver” to see things that look amazing and bring the most value to your house.


New Appliances Work Better

Appliances aren’t meant to last for decades. Sometimes there are clear signs that you need to replace the appliances in your kitchen. The burners on the stove stop working or the freezer isn’t keeping items cold. But sometimes homeowners fail to realize that it’s time to make updates.

There is an average lifespan for each item in the kitchen. On average, you need to replace the fridge and oven after 13 years and the dishwasher and microwave after 9 years. If you’ve had any of your appliances longer than a decade, it’s time to upgrade. Newer appliances will work better while also being more energy efficient.

This energy efficiency can save you money on utility bills. Plus, many appliances are just built differently. Fridges have more features than they used to, and dishwashers run more quietly. You’ll be thrilled with your new appliances and how well they work, and when it comes time to sell, potential buyers will appreciate the updates.


An Updated Kitchen Makes the Entire Home Feel Updated

It’s fairly easy to update other rooms in the home. You can change your living room furniture and paint the walls to make that room feel brand new. With the kitchen, you really have to do a lot of work to update it: paint or replace the cabinets, replace the counters and backsplash, upgrade the appliances. This means that when you put time and money into your kitchen, you’re making the entire house feel updated and beautiful.

Don’t spend money replacing everything in the dining room (light fixtures, table, chairs, china cabinet) when you’ll lose that amazing feeling the second you enter the kitchen. Also, if you don’t have the time or money to update any other rooms, no problem. When the kitchen is new, the rest is automatically elevated. Put your money into the kitchen and the siding installation that you need to get done and enjoy the benefits. When you decide to move and your realtor throws an open house, buyers will marvel at the work you’ve done.


If it’s time to choose your next project, pick a kitchen remodel. Experts can create a gorgeous design and work hard to accomplish the vision. You and your family will love the beautiful new kitchen.