Why You Need A Water Filter At Your Home? Benefits Of Clean Filtered Water

Did you know that you can survive for three weeks without eating any food? That’s a long time before you can die of starvation. However, you can’t last as long without water. After all, we are made up of 70 percent water.

You can survive for 21 days without a bite to eat but you can only survive for up to a week or 100 hours without water. That, of course, will lessen if you’re in a sunnier environment.

Water is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. On a daily basis, one must drink a lot of water to sufficiently cleanse the body. Not only do we use them to drink, but we also use them to cleanse our bodies and to wash everything in our home.

With all the different ways we use water, it is no wonder why it is important that we have water filters installed in our home. However, what exactly are the benefits of installing water filters in our home? Read on to find out why.

Tap Water isn’t Safe

We take for granted just exactly how clean the water we get from our taps is. Although it is relatively cleaner than those from a lot of different places, it is still not safe to assume that our tap water is safe for consumption.

According to a study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), our drinking water is filled with contain an alarming amount of carcinogenic chemical. The worst part is that it is not the only contaminant present in our waters.

Given that fact, it is crucial to one’s well-being that they install water filters such as Everpure Water Filters by Efilters USA in one’s home. This will serve as an extra measure against the contaminants that could be entering the water flowing into your home.

Reduce the Risk of Many Diseases

With various chemicals and other pollutants that could possibly be entering our waters, we are more exposed to various diseases. Unfortunately, there is yet to be a conclusive study on just what the long-term effects of these contaminants are in the human body.

Although your water service provider does filter out their water supply, one can’t be too safe. This is especially true when you do not know where exactly the water is sourced from.

That being said, a water filtration system that you can set up at home can save you from the diseases you could potentially have from these pollutants.

Stronger Immune System for your Children

One of the most vulnerable members of our society is our children. When you have kids at home, it is important that you think about what is best for their growing bodies.

The water they drink has a significant effect on their health like us. However, the difference is that it can affect them in a more grave manner when the water they drink is compromised.

Protect your children from having compromised immune systems by installing a water filtration system in your home. Making kids drink filtered water allows them to be more energetic and athletic kids and lead healthier lives all while hydrating themselves.

Bottled Water is Expensive

You might think that an alternative to installing water filters at home is buying bottled water which is already-filtered water packaged in plastic bottles. Although this is definitely an option to choose from, it is a more expensive choice.

If you convert the amount of water one uses into bottled water, an average household’s monthly water bill is said to total up to $9,000. There is another reason why bottled waters are not the best choice for access to filtered water.

Aside from being a hundred thousand times more expensive than tap water, bottled water doesn’t do any favors for our environment. On average, Americans use around 50 billion plastic bottles a year and only less than 25% gets recycled.

To save both money and our environment, drink from the tap. On that note, install water filters for extra safety measures.

More Detox

When you drink water, it assists the organs responsible for detoxifying your body, such as the liver and kidneys, with its job. It is able to wash away the toxins while also transporting needed nutrients to different parts of the body.

Although filtered water in itself can accomplish the job well and good enough, some believe adding a few ingredients can further enhance the detoxifying ability of filtered water. Simply add lemon slices and it can add a refreshing twist to your water.

A water filter system in your home is discreet and easy to use and gives plenty of benefits to your home. There are many benefits to drinking filtered water that we have hopefully covered in this article.

If you still haven’t installed a water filter system in your home, then it’s best to start soon. The sooner you have a water filter, the sooner you are able to reap the benefits of drinking clean and filtered water to your body.