Why You Should Prefer Detached Garage Over An Attached One


If you are wondering why you should prefer a detached garage over the attached one then this article has got you covered. Car space is exceedingly vital for a house. There are several storage items that you can keep into your garage like gardening supplies, tools, bikes, sports equipment. You might have realized by now that garages are not fit all sizes. There are different solutions for different spaces. Every family is different thus requires a different space. If you will take the measurements of your neighbor’s garage then those might not be ideal for you. If you are confused about which type of garage you should prefer then below are the pros and cons. Remember that there is no right or wrong choice as it depends on your convenience.

Attached Garages for Double garage construction

As far as attached garages are concerned for double garage construction then as the name suggests these types of garages become part of your residence. In the attached garages, you will find a door leading to the inside of a house. It sort of creates an extension where you can not only park your car but store several household items. If you are wondering what the standard size and shape are then attached garages are. Let’s start with the benefits of the garages. The garages are convenient, less expensive, and own the ability to raise the value of the property. The best part about the attached garages is that kids, pets, and groceries can get seamlessly inside. But these garages do not come with only the pros.

Cons of attached garages

Some of the cons of these types of garages are the hard fit. These are difficult to fit if you own a narrow lot. These garages pose a security risk and a greater risk of fire. Many people find it quite hard to expand. As far as the aesthetics are concerned then you might need to compromise on the exterior appearance. There are also issues with the permits, as you may require to get expensive building permits. Another downside of this garage is the security problem. Anyone can easily break into, especially with an electronic opener. If you will have less protection in the garage then criminals will get unwanted and direct access to your place. In short, your double garage construction process will yield an unsecured domain.

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Detached Garages for Double garage construction

If you will be going for the detached garages then these are not attached to the residence. But these types of garages are closer to the property and on the other side. You might not be aware but these types of garages are more creatively built due to the free format. Let’s talk about the pros of a detached garage. The garage owns the flexibility in locations and size and thus offers greater space for the workplace and cars. Many people are not aware but these are quite easy to expand. Most importantly, detached garages are much safer and secure.

Cons of detached garages

The downside is that double garage construction in the form of detached garages will take more yard space. Many people find it less convenient, especially those with young children as they have to carry large loads regularly.