Window Shutters Cleaning Tips at Home

Window Shutters Cleaning Tips at Home

When you have shutters in your home, you need to maintain them. This can be a tricky prospect as shutters aren’t usually considered as part of the cleaning program. You need to find the proper rips to help you clean the shutters if you are to do it.

Besides, it’s not all about simply cleaning the shutters; it is also about ensuring you do it right. If you find the right ways [cleaning the shutters], you will ensure you keep diseases off. Shutters can be a hub for various types of bacteria and dust, which can lead to infection.

Below are some top tips you can use to clean and keep shutters clean in your home.

Use Feather or Microfiber

The first thing you can go for when you are cleaning your shutters has got to be microfiber. When you use this material, you can quickly get to your metal windows shutters. This happens without the idea of you further staining them.

This is also one of the best ways you can use to maintain the cleanliness of your shutters. You don’t have to keep up with the back-breaking work when you use either microfiber or feathers. You can do this every day for maintenance and easy work.

When you have feathers for cleaning or microfiber, you must pass them through the shutters. You don’t even need to use water for any of the cleanings that go on. You will be doing this in your free time and still ensure you have a clean space.

Clean Thin

When you have shutters and blinds, it can be a tough ask to clean them. Black shutters for windows can keep some stains if you don’t do it right. You need to ensure the process is done right if you want the shutters to be spotless after cleaning them.

What you need to do is to ensure you clean thin in this case, for example, after a rainy season where water and dust have mixed up on your shutters. You also don’t want to destroy your shutters and blinds as you clean, so you need to be extra careful here.

What you need to do here is wrap a thin piece of cloth with a ruler. You will be using the ruler to get to the other side of the metal windows shutters. Also, you need to ensure that you don’t use a thick piece of cloth as it can destroy your blinds quite quickly.

You may think of using silk, don’t – silk doesn’t clean well as much as it is one of the thinnest materials you can use. Find a low-fiber cotton piece of thin cloth and use it diligently to clean every inch of your shutters.

Fast Clean

When you have people popping in at any moment, and you want your shutters to look clean, you can do it. Here, you need to slip a sock on each of your hands and start the cleaning. You need to ensure that the socks you are using are right, though.

You don’t want to leave traces of the shutter when you are cleaning them. Most of the time, when you are cleaning before showing up, you want the space to be spotless. This idea gives you just that and a quick fix for the cleaning process.

Forget about trying to get the proper cleaning material when you have sudden visitors. Use what’s around, and socks make for the best idea. You will quickly get in between the blinds and shutters – you will clean both sides simultaneously.

The socks you use for this cleaning need to be clean too. You can’t pick up socks from the laundry basket and use them to clean your shutters. This can leave a less desired effect on the whole process, and you don’t even need to use water for this – it’s more like dusting.

Use a Brush

You can use a brush for some of the tough stains that can attach to your black shutters for windows. In this instance, you will be using a brush as you want your shutters to be clean without damaging the appearance. When you use water for black, the shutter color may fade.

Shutters are more than just for safety and every other thing they give; they are also about the house’s appeal. The brush is safe for any of the shutters that you don’t want to lose their beauty. All you will be doing here is to polish the shutters and clear off the dust.

If you have a paint shiner and you want your shutters to look good as new all the time, you can also use the brush for this. Using a brush to clean is flexible and won’t damage your shutters in any way. You will be left with spotless shutters which offer you a beautiful space.

Use Paint Brush

A paintbrush can also be a great idea to clean the shutters, as it offers you a bit more. The paintbrush will come in handy when you have tall metal windows shutters that you can’t easily reach when standing up. Here, you can stand at any point and clean any end of the shutter.

When you have that rolling brush, the best thing is that it ensures no stain is left behind. If you are using cloth, some pieces of fabric can remain while cleaning, but when you use the brush, nothing remains. The whole shutters remain spotless, and you can even show them off.

This one, though, isn’t something that you can do daily. You need to reserve this idea for when you are out doing a thorough cleaning. You can plan for it and ensure you have all the material ready, as you will also need detergents for the whole cleaning process.


Before you embark on cleaning your shutters, you need to ensure that you know how to. You need to get some of the few materials to clean – most of the time, though, water does it for you. The whole prospect of the cleaning will be much simpler if you employ the above ideas.