Winter Decor to Warm Up Your Dwelling

Winter Decor to Warm Up Your Dwelling

With the weather getting chilly and the snow starting to fall, your home decor should reflect it! There are lots of ways you can keep your home in line with the season–and even warm it up a bit. If staring at pale tones and cool blues and purples has you feeling frosty, here are some ways to warm up your winter decor this season!

Create a Focal Point

Choosing a focal point in your living space is a necessity. To find the best focal point, you’ll want to determine the area where your eye is drawn the moment you walk into the room. For most living rooms, it’ll be the mantel. Having the right seasonal mantel decor is essential for creating a quality focal point in your living room.

Using paint, photos, glass lanterns, candles and other small home decor items, create a focal area in your home. The way you lay everything out will really guide the feeling in the space so make sure to add lots of cozy elements to your focal point!

Use Warm Colors

Did you know that colors can actually make us feel temperatures? In fact, walking into a room painted in a cool blue can actually make you feel cooler. That’s why it’s important to use warm colors in your living spaces during the winter! Incorporate your warm reds, yellows, oranges and browns in your furniture, florals and even the personalized blankets you place on the back of your sofa. You and your guests will feel cozy and warm in your living spaces this winter.

It’s also important that you include neutrals into your home decor to balance out the richness of the reds, yellows and oranges. Brown is a warm neutral that can mellow out any bright shades or bring the tones out of any muted shades. Even though green is considered a cool color, using deep shades of green can make your home feel like winter without sacrificing temperature.

While you might consider reds, yellows, oranges and browns to be autumn colors, there are ways you can use them in the winter. Autumn typically uses brighter shades of those colors, but your use of them in winter should be deeper or muted. A rich garnet red is perfect for winter, while a mustard yellow complements the garnet well but doesn’t look too bright for the space.

Winter Decor to Warm Up Your Dwelling

Use Metallics

When you think of metal, your first thought might be a cold, dingy manufacturing site. Think again! Using metallics to warm up your space is possible, especially when you add it to those warm colors. Incorporating yellow gold, rose gold and even copper–because they have warm base tones–is a great way to use metallics to warm up your space this winter.

Use metallic baskets, coasters and candle holders as accents in your home decor. They will keep your space feeling trendy alongside the warmth!

Embrace the Curtains

One oft-neglected decor item in your home are curtains. They serve a dual purpose. Quality curtains keep your space warm and also complement your decor. In fact, depending on the size of your windows, curtains can be a pretty large statement piece. It’s important you choose curtains that will do their job in both areas. Take stock of your current home decor setup. Pay attention to the patterns you have as well as any colors and shapes. Then, hunt for some curtains that block out unnecessary light, help regulate temperature and complement the current decor in your space! You’ll most likely want to go with a warm neutral that complements the brighter colors you have. If you don’t have many patterns in your space, then use this opportunity to introduce a bold pattern into your decor! Geometric patterns and even unique textures are great options for warm winter decor.

Add an Area Rug

Area rugs are great home decor tools! Homes that have hardwood or laminate flooring can get very cold during the winter season because they don’t conduct heat like carpet does. To alleviate cold feet when moving from your couch to the bathroom or when getting up in the morning, lay down an area rug! With so many patterns, colors and textures, area rugs are perfect for any living space. Similar to curtains, you’ll want to ensure they complement your current decor–or any decor that you’ll be transitioning to during the winter. The thicker, the better. Plush area rugs will keep your feet nice and warm through the season.

Winter Decor to Warm Up Your Dwelling

Don’t Neglect the Kitchen and Dining Spaces

Your kitchen and dining spaces also need some warming up during the winter! Incorporating some themed wall decor and wooden accents are perfect ways you can spruce up your kitchen and dining areas as the winter season continues. Natural accents such as holly branches, evergreen garland and even snow-frosted accents can turn your kitchen and dining spaces into a winter wonderland!

In your kitchen, you’ll want to set up a hot chocolate station! By filling up a counter or bar cart with a single-cup brewing machine, marshmallows of different sizes, candy canes and rows of personalized coffee mugs, you’ll create a small corner of the space that feels cozy and oozes warmth. Everyone loves hot chocolate with marshmallows in the winter! Include a bottle of peppermint schnapps in the corner for the adults to add into their hot chocolate, too!

In the dining room, set up a tablescape that will wow your friends and family when they dine at your home. Gold chargers, dark orange ceramic plates, gold silverware and tall wine goblets will accent any additional decor you choose. Use a pomegranate red table runner, spruce eucalyptus garland and thin mauve candles on golden candle holders for a beautiful tablescape worthy of any magazine. It will round out all your winter decor! Your guests will love sitting down to eat a formal dinner at your beautifully designed table. Don’t forget the beige linens and wooden napkin rings!