Winter Tips For Plumbing And Heating

Winter Tips For Plumbing And Heating

Wintertime is the worst time of the year when issues such as frozen pipework, a clogged up drain, boiler breakdown and much more happen. To avoid the unwanted and unwelcome situations, there are some important plumbing tips that you need to ensure to take care of, and avoid the stresses and strains during cold winter months.

Frozen Pipework

When the temperature drops considerably during the winter, water inside the pipelines will start to freeze and cause bursting of pipes. It causes massive home floods and lots of damage to the things in the home. To avoid this, use a jacket of foam insulation around the pipe.

Clogged Drains And Gutters

The second most common issues during the winter are the clogged drains and gutters. When the gutters start to accumulate the leaves of the plants and other debris from the garden during the winter, ice begins to form and lead to damages and breaking of gutters. So ensure to clear the gutter before the temperature drop and use the gutter guards to prevent the drains from getting clogged.

Outdoor Hoses

Unplug the garden hoses from the taps, roll them up and stick them in the shed even before the cold weather. Shut off the valve on all the pipes that lead to outdoor spigots. Drain the residue water from the hose pipe and spigots.

Kitchen Sink care

During winter, the grease, oil and other sticky substances when poured down the kitchen sink are more likely to congregate. It causes the blockage, especially, during the winter season. Hence, it is recommended to not pour any substance down the sink. Try steering clear of pouring substance down the sink and avoiding blockages.

Winter Cleaning

Check around your home to note the areas where the water supply lines are there, and take appropriate measures to prevent the flow of cold air into them. Places such as basements, cellars, attics, under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, crawl spaces, garages, should be verified for pipelines. Consider insulating hot and cold pipes in these areas. The hot water supply line can also freeze just as the cold pipes in these areas if the water is not in running state through the pipe during winter months.

Emergency Plumbing Needs

Emergency Plumbing Needs

If you face any emergency Plumbers in New Malden, follow the below steps:

When the temperature drops, try running a little water from the tap into the pipe and sink slowly. Ensure to keep every room warm and allow the heat to circulate freely to reduce the freezing of the pipes. If tap or faucets freezing occurs, leave the doors of the bathroom and kitchen cabinet open to allow the heat to get into the pipes and warm the water up.

If the pipe gets cracked or burst during winter, the first thing to do is turn off the water at the main shut off valve. Use the hairdryer or heat gun to thaw the frozen pipework out. It is best to seek the help of the professional emergency plumbers in New Malden to get the work done to avoid any stressful situation.