Wish Of Time Trong Nghia • Wish Of Time • 2023

Wish Of Time Trong Nghia • Wish Of Time • 2023


Time. It’s a concept that has fascinated humanity since the dawn of civilization. We measure it, treasure it, and sometimes, wish we could control it. Enter “Wish of Time Trong Nghia • Wish of Time • 2023”, a mesmerizing narrative that delves into the very essence of time and our relationship with it. This tale, woven with threads of dreams and desires, invites readers to ponder the infinite possibilities of a wish that transcends the boundaries of time itself.

“Wish of Time” is a jazz instrumental album released by Vietnamese artist Trong Nghia on February 25, 2023. The album features tracks like “Tickle My Sugar”, which has a duration of 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Trong Nghia’s music has been described as embarking the listener on a journey through a mysterious “road of midnight”. The album showcases his talent in the jazz genre.

The Genesis of a Wish

Every great story starts with a spark of inspiration. For Trong Nghia, the creator of “Wish of Time”, this spark was ignited by a simple yet profound question: What if you could make a wish that would transcend time? This question led to the birth of a story that would explore the depths of human emotion, the mysteries of time, and the power of wishes.

Crafting the Narrative

Trong Nghia meticulously crafted the narrative, blending elements of fantasy, science fiction, and a touch of romance. The story revolves around a central character, Lien, who discovers an ancient artifact with the power to grant wishes. But there’s a twist – the wish can only manipulate time. As Lien navigates through various epochs, she learns invaluable lessons about life, love, and the consequences of altering time.

Themes Explored

“Wish of Time Trong Nghia • Wish of Time • 2023” isn’t just a story about time travel; it’s a philosophical journey. It explores themes such as:

  • The Nature of Time: Is time linear or cyclical? Can it be changed, or is it immutable?
  • The Price of Wishes: What are the consequences of getting what you desire? Is the outcome always as expected?
  • Human Connections: How do our relationships shape our experiences of time and memory?

Characters that Resonate

The characters in “Wish of Time” are crafted with depth and authenticity. They aren’t just players in a fantastical plot; they are reflections of our own desires and fears.

Lien – The Protagonist

Lien, our fearless protagonist, is a blend of curiosity and caution. Her journey through time is not just a physical one but an emotional and intellectual voyage as well. Through her eyes, we experience the wonders and perils of manipulating time.

Supporting Cast

  • Thien: Lien’s childhood friend, whose presence in different timelines helps ground her.
  • Elder Ha: The wise guardian of the artifact, who provides guidance and wisdom.
  • Nhi: A mysterious figure from the future who has her own agenda concerning the artifact.

The Magic of Time Manipulation

The Artifact

Central to the story is the artifact – an ancient, mystical object with inscriptions that reveal its power. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, adding an element of intrigue.

The Rules of Time Travel

Trong Nghia establishes clear rules for time travel within the narrative, ensuring consistency and plausibility. These rules include:

  1. One Wish Per Person: Each person can make only one wish with the artifact.
  2. Ripple Effect: Any change in the past has significant consequences in the future.
  3. Memory Retention: Only the wisher retains memories of the original timeline.

Consequences and Realizations

Lien’s adventures reveal that tampering with time is fraught with danger. Each alteration brings unforeseen consequences, forcing her to confront the moral and ethical dilemmas of her actions.

A Visual and Emotional Feast

Stunning Imagery

Trong Nghia’s descriptive prowess brings each scene to life. Whether it’s the bustling streets of ancient cities or the futuristic landscapes of tomorrow, readers are transported to each epoch with vivid detail.

Emotional Depth

The story isn’t just about visual splendor; it’s a deeply emotional journey. Lien’s interactions, her struggles, and her moments of joy and sorrow are portrayed with such realism that readers can’t help but feel a part of her journey.


What is “Wish of Time Trong Nghia • Wish of Time • 2023” about?

“Wish of Time” is a story about a young woman named Lien who discovers an artifact that allows her to make a wish capable of manipulating time. Her journey explores the consequences of time travel, the nature of wishes, and the human connections that define our existence.

Who is Trong Nghia?

Trong Nghia is a talented author known for blending fantasy, science fiction, and deep philosophical questions in his narratives. His unique storytelling style captivates readers and invites them to explore complex themes through engaging tales.

What are the main themes of the story?

The main themes include the nature of time, the consequences of wishes, and the impact of human connections on our experiences of time and memory.

Is the story suitable for all ages?

While the story deals with complex themes, it is written in a manner that can be appreciated by both young adults and adults. Its universal message about the value of time and the power of wishes resonates with readers of all ages.

“Wish of Time Trong Nghia • Wish of Time • 2023” is more than just a tale of time travel; it’s a profound exploration of what it means to be human. Through the eyes of Lien, readers are invited to reflect on their own desires, the passage of time, and the connections that define their lives. Trong Nghia’s masterful storytelling and deep philosophical insights make this a must-read for anyone fascinated by the mysteries of time and the magic of wishes. So, if you’ve ever pondered what you’d wish for if you could control time, this enchanting journey will captivate your imagination and touch your heart.

wish of time trong nghia • wish of time • 2023

Wish of Time Trong Nghia • Wish of Time • 2023

(Verse 1)

In the heart of the night, when the world’s asleep,
I hold a wish, a promise I keep.
Through the sands of time, I’ll weave my dreams,
In the quiet whispers, nothing’s as it seems.


Wish of Time Trong Nghia, a journey through the years,
Moments that we treasure, washed away by tears.
In the echo of the past, in the future’s light,
Our dreams will carry on, through the endless night.

(Verse 2)

An ancient artifact, with powers untold,
In my hands, a story unfolds.
One wish to make, to bend the streams,
Of time and fate, and all that it redeems.


Wish of Time Trong Nghia, a journey through the years,
Moments that we treasure, washed away by tears.
In the echo of the past, in the future’s light,
Our dreams will carry on, through the endless night.


Through the ages I will wander, searching for the truth,
In the shadows of tomorrow, lies the heart of youth.
Every step a ripple, every change a scar,
In the dance of destiny, we find who we are.


Wish of Time Trong Nghia, a journey through the years,
Moments that we treasure, washed away by tears.
In the echo of the past, in the future’s light,
Our dreams will carry on, through the endless night.


So here I stand, with a wish in my hand,
In the flow of time, we make our stand.
Wish of Time Trong Nghia, a tale so fine,
In the book of eternity, our names align.