Your Little Kid’s Room – Baby Nursery Interior Design

Your Little Kid’s Room – Baby Nursery Interior Design

The period of pregnancy and waiting for a baby is pleasant. However, parents can feel confused about the necessary preparations for a kid’s nursery. Luckily, there is one place where mothers and fathers can find help – The professional team of Dragons of Walton Street specializes in luxurious babies’ rooms for over 40 years! They propose unique designs of handmade and hand-painted furniture and other important items for parents and their little ones. On their website, there is a huge portfolio of works. There are also many recommendations on how to design a child’s nursery.

Obligatory Elements of the Room for Baby’s Sleep

There are many things needed to make a comfortable and cozy space to inspire childhood dreams. The main furniture for this purpose is

  •  a baby’s sleeping place: moses basket and bassinet or cot bed with beautiful bedding
  •  a chest of drawers for child’s clothes;
  •  a baby’s changer
  •  a comfortable nursing chair for mom and baby to relax
  •  sofa or sofa bed to sleep together with the child
  •  wall shelves or free-standing bookcase for important things

Parents can add some accessories such as waste bins, children’s steps, tissue box, height stick, toy box, pictures in frames, dollhouse, etc.

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Interior Decoration 

Dragons of Walton Street proposes many options to decorate items in the child’s bedroom. Talented and experienced artists are ready to make any artwork that parents wish to be done. Vintage transport, playful elephants, Terry’s soldiers, Barbara’s or designed bunnies, official illustrations of Paddington Bear, linen blossom, flower fairies, licensed classic images by Beatrix Potter, vintage safari, and personalized lettering are available to use or inspire with. Dragons use soft colors and natural, safe materials to make a comfy space for a kid.

The pleasant waiting of the baby and preparations of his/her nursery are the best periods in life. Therefore, it is important to remember that no design will be the same cozy as parents’ hugs.