Your Spring Cleaning Checklist For A Summer Ready Garden

Spring is a good time to renew your garden area and do what’s necessary to keep it looking good all season long. Spring cleaning your garden and making it ready for summer is also very rewarding as you immediately see the fruits of your labour. If your garden area is looking rather weathered, here is a garden spring cleaning checklist that you should follow to make it look beautiful and inviting:

Spring Cleaning Checklist For A Summer Ready Garden

Do A Flower Bed And Lawn Cleanup- after the cold winter months, your lawn might need more than a light raking to remove the dry leaves and broken branches. Be sure to give it a good cleaning and also remove late-blooming perennials that are left standing over winter.

Fertilise- after chopping back old perennials and removing any dead growth, it’s time to rejuvenate the soil. Get recommendations from local experts about the best way to fertilise the soil in your area.

Add Compost- after removing mulch from the flower beds, use a garden fork to mix compost evenly with the soil.

Prune- at late spring, some shrubs should be pruned after they have flowered. To rejuvenate the growth of overgrown shrubs, such as dappled willows, forsythias and lilacs, you should cut them back to the base. When pruning, remove about one fourth of the old wood and remove flower seed heads left from the previous season.

Edge- edging should be performed before you apply mulch to the landscaped areas of your garden. When edging, you should use a sharp garden tool to cut sods adjacent to the bed. The edge of the bed should be clearly defined to prevent the creeping of the grass into the bed.

Clean Up Garden Furniture- if you leave your garden furniture outside all winter, it could need a good cleaning. Depending on the type of garden furniture you own, cleaning could require more than just a hosing off. For easy maintenance all season long, choose rattan garden furniture as it will last longer and look newer than most other garden furniture materials.

Clean Decking And Concrete Slabs- if your garden area has decking or a concrete patio, spring is the perfect time to clean it. Use a garden hose with a decking cleaner or a power washer if the decking is particularly stained.

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