5 Modern Ways To Wear A Choker Necklace

5 Modern Ways To Wear A Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces can be a statement piece if worn correctly. But that is where most of the people go wrong. It is not surprising that chokers are currently in right now. And, there are several types for the wearers to choose from. There are sleek options and there are the boho designs that further elaborate the look. If you have a few choker necklaces lying around in your house but don’t know how to style them, there are a few ways you can style the Melorra choker designs and we are here to share them.


Try for Some Boho Vibes


The best yet some of the minimalistic looks is to layer the choker with some pearls to achieve a stunning Boho vibe to the look. As for the attire, pair it with some sleek leather pants and a dainty crop top to seal the look in. Some chokers come with a single pearl wrung through the middle of a black string and that looks pretty enticing. It adds for a very summery and beachy look that you can enjoy flaunting.


Thick Chokers with Fleece Sweaters


If you have a thick strapped choker that you have been wondering where to wear, you can pair them with a stunning big knit or fleece sweater with some tights in the bottom. Oversized sweaters work amazingly with thick chokers but ensure that they come in contrasting colours than the sweater that you are wearing to have a better outlook. Distressing types of denim work amazingly too.


Layered Choker with Trendy Biker Girl Vibes


If you are into new gold necklace designs but also want to sport your stunning choker designs, layered looks work pretty amazingly. If you want to stand out with the look, make sure that you add a stylish leather jacket with some torn and distressed jeans. Mixing and matching different lengths with the chokers and a few gold chains work amazingly in adding a very stylish look to the whole appearance.


Pearl and Bling


If you are a minimalist and like to try out different styles and looks, pearl and bling are likely one of the best ways to improve the look. It enables you to flaunt your overall creative instincts with the eclectic mix and match trends. Aside from the pearls, you can also add in gemstones and crystals for another layer of beauty to the look. It adds a very quirky look to the whole personality, making it stand out as one of the best looks that you can sport.


Urban Chic Style


This is all about your string choker with a pair of distorted shorts, a tank top, and some oversized jacket to complete the overall look. If you want, accessorize the look with a leather sling bag and you are all set for the whole look and feel.


Layering chokers and styling then can be a headache, especially if you aren’t a fashion person yourself. But we hope that these tips give you all the ideas that you need to stand out with your whole look and personality. Make sure that any style you choose should reflect the way you see yourself and how you want to portray your fashion sense. Moreover, try and be comfortable first and later think about fashion. Because, at the end of the day, you want to be comfortable.