6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Home Exterior


Painting the outside of your house is a big job which can greatly improve its look and worth. But, the distinction between a paint task that adds to your home’s curb appeal versus one that takes away from it boils down to details. Herein, we go into subtleties of exterior painting by highlighting typical mistakes and how you can steer clear of them for an outcome which not only makes you happy but also sustains itself over time–something every homeowner desires!

1. Overlooking the Importance of Primer

Using the correct primer is vital for good paint adhesion, improving durability and getting an even color tone. It is especially crucial when trying to hide stains or moving from a darker shade to lighter one.

2. Forgetting to Check Weather Forecasts

Temperature, wind and humidity are three factors of weather that have a big effect on painting outcome. If paint is applied in very hot or very cold temperature, it can cause issues for the final result. Similarly, windy conditions might blow dirt onto wet paint and make it look bumpy when it dries up. Paint may also not stick well if you apply it while humidity levels are high; this could lead to peeling later on down the line.

3. Failing to Protect Landscaping and Adjacent Areas

Cover plants, pathways, and furniture with drop cloths or plastic sheeting to keep them safe from paint splatters and spills.

4. Incorrect Paint Layering

Getting the appropriate thickness of paint layers is very important. If it’s too thick, the paint might sag and if it’s too thin, there may not be enough protection or color richness. The knowledge of professionals can be very helpful in achieving this equilibrium.

5. Disregarding Maintenance After Painting

Keeping up with the paint job, such as frequent cleaning and fixing small damages, can make it last much longer. Check your outside each year and fix problems quickly to keep everything looking good.

6. Underestimating the Project Scope

Painting the outside of a building, especially if it is big or complicated, can be quite difficult. Experts in painting have the knowledge, equipment and skills necessary to finish this task quickly while still achieving top-notch results.

Why Professional Painting Services Are Invaluable

Benefits of professional painting services are many, such as having access to top-quality materials, understanding in painting techniques and technologies, finishing the job fast and safe. A group that is skilled can take care of every part from preparing to final details for you.

5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painting

Assess and Document Existing Exterior Conditions: Examine your home’s outer part completely to find out any problems that might require attention prior to painting.

Pick Your Color Scheme Carefully: Choose colors that go well with the architectural style of your house and the landscape it has, making it look better overall.

Book a Meeting with an Expert: Use the knowledge and skills of a professional painting service such as Arizona Home Painting to make sure your project is successful all the way through.

Set Up the Space: Shield surfaces that are not painted and tidy up the work space so painting can be done effectively.

Maintenance Plan: Create a plan for maintenance that will keep the outside paint of your house looking beautiful and strong as time goes by.


Not making typical mistakes when doing exterior painting Tempe AZ for your home is what sets apart a job that adds to the value of your house from one that decreases it. At Arizona Home Painting, we promise to give you top-quality services in exterior painting that last long. Our group of skilled workers take care of every step with careful detail – from getting ready for work all the way up until applying final coat; this guarantees an impeccable outcome which changes how your house looks like completely.

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