Common Window Cleaning Mistakes – A Guide for Tucson Residents

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes – A Guide for Tucson Residents

Fall will reach Tucson faster than we know, and with that will come another big clean-out for the season. That includes refreshing the windows to give us that beautiful fall sunlight, so some of us throughout the country can see the lovely changing of the leaves (not so much in Tucson, maybe).

Cleaning windows is more complex if you hope to achieve that crystal-clear sheen. That means having the most suitable supplies, which could involve investing in professional window cleaning for a quality job or at least receiving some expert guidance.

Homeowners often make simple mistakes that lead to fog, streaks, and heaven forbid, even scratches in the glass. While many people want to avoid harsh chemicals for apparent reasons, paying attention to the combinations you are using and how these interact with glass is still essential.

Consider some common mistakes and how you can avoid these when washing your windows for one of the loveliest seasons of the year.

Tips For Fall Cleanup in Tucson with Common Window-Cleaning Mistakes

In attempts to remain environmentally friendly, homeowners often make mistakes when cleaning windows that can be avoided with basic research. This can lead to fogging, streaks, or the potential for scrapes or scratches. Find out how to clean windows without harsh chemicals at

Window cleaning is a standard refresh done with fall and spring cleaning, allowing the brilliant sunlight of these two favored seasons to glisten into the home. While Tucson is probably not fortunate in seeing changing seasons, many of us get to see leaves changing through crystal-clear windows.

Consider these common mistakes when you set out to wash yours for the coming fall season.


The garden hose is not an efficient tool for washing glass.

The garden hose is convenient for most things around the house and in the landscaping but washing windows . . . not so much. It does not leave a crystal-clear finish as you might anticipate. Because of the minerals in the water, the result will be spotty, as you would see on glasses that you wash in tap water.

Regardless of the wiping away that you might do with a microfiber cloth, the spots will remain, and leaving it air dry will be worse. And remember to take the screens off before you wash the glass. Go here for techniques on washing really grimy windows.

Dusting should be a priority before washing.

The dust and debris should be cleared away before attempting to wash the glass. When there is a great deal of surface dirt, this must be eliminated so you are not just moving dirt around with cleaning solutions. The first step is removing the dirt to start with a fresh surface.

A suggestion for this step is to use a small hand-held vacuum to pull the dust and debris from the surface instead of moving it around with a cloth. It eradicates it, allowing you to wash a dirt-free surface.


Do not be in a hurry.

Window washing is not an easy task. The project should be one that you set aside a day or two to take your time with each one. Focusing on one section of the glass at a time, one pane is important. Once you see the result, it will encourage you to move forward to the next area and then to the second window.

If you allow a couple of days for the entire house, you will not feel rushed, and it will not seem like such a cumbersome project. Another idea while working on windows is to clean the window treatments simultaneously so the whole process is done in one go.

Do not overcompensate with the solution.

When applying a cleaning solution, it only requires a minimal amount to do the job. When you use a moderate dose, it can leave the glass streaked or foggy, and that is undoubtedly not the result you want. You also want to avoid pressing too hard on the glass when washing away the solution.

When applying too much pressure, there is the potential for scratching or scraping the glass. There is no way to repair the glass for a window. It would need to be replaced, which can be a costly endeavor.


Paper towels are not ideal for glass.

Instead of using paper towels for the glass, which can leave lint and particles behind, it is wise to use a microfiber cloth. This is gentle on the window, should not scratch, particularly if you do not apply a great deal of pressure, and will not leave residue behind after washing the glass.

Final Thought

For Tucson residents, it is wise to Invest in a professional-quality squeegee to prevent the potential for streaks, residue, or other particles after washing the glass. And it will not be something you use only once or twice a year.

A gratifying aspect is you can use it for different surfaces, including shower doors and mirrors, so you will definitely see a return on the investment.