Essential Steps To Choosing The Right Bed For You And Your Partner

Essential Steps To Choosing The Right Bed For You And Your Partner

Choosing the right bed is an important thing to do, don’t stress about taking too long to decide as this item of furniture is an extremely important decision, so much, so you’re going to be spending a third of your life using it, yes that’s right, we spend a third of our lives in bed! So, on ‘that note’… it’s only right that we mull over this decision because we want it to be a comfortable one.

Follow these steps, and you cannot go wrong:

  • Shop around

Ok online will give you some sort of an idea but when it comes to buying beds its always better to visit a store (or few) as you get to see beds in all their full glory… shape, size, style and design making sure it’s exactly what you want, and it’s going to fit in your room.

  • Take a nap

Well don’t actually, but lie on it at least; you can’t possibly know if a bed is comfortable if you are not willing to ‘try before you buy’ and instead of making a regretful purchase, whip off your shoes, and jump in. Everyone is different; one person’s love is another person’s loathe, so don’t just go on hearsay either, try a bed for yourself so that you are absolutely sure.

  • Choose together

When buying a bed as a couple, both should be present, so both can agree on the comfort factor, and also see if the bed has ample space for each other’s movements. It can be hard to judge the size of a bed without seeing it and trying it for real, which is why both partners should attend this shopping trip together.

  • Room size

Think realistically about the size of your room and don’t go for a massive king size bed if the space around it is going to be tight, this will make things awkward and annoying. For space-saving options there are comfortable sofa beds, not to everyone’s liking, but very useful for small flats, apartments and one-bedroom properties as it can free up some extra living space, or offer a bed for guests, whatever you desire.

  • Storage beds

Another space-saving option is to purchase a king-size bed with storage if you want a nice big bed. If you cannot fit a wardrobe too, it may be a good idea to get one of these types instead as it offers the best of both without clogging up your bedroom space.

  • Health

Choose a bed that is suitable for your everyday health conditions, such as back problems, arthritis etc. If mobility is an issue now (or could possibly be in the future), adjustable beds can help to support your sleeping position, propping you up more, for example. You can even get an adjustable bed that only adjusts on one side if you wish so that your partner isn’t disturbed by it.

Think about the mattress too… it’s always better to buy a mattress and bed at the same time as the bed so that you can be sure to get it right. Sprung mattresses suit sprung bases and foam suits slats bases, etc.; you also want to be sure that the size of the mattress fits the bed perfectly so that there are no surrounding gaps.