Evan Peters’ Salary: How Much Did He Make Per Episode of Dahmer?

Evan Peters’ Salary: How Much Did He Make Per Episode of Dahmer?

how much money did evan peters make per episode of dahmer

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix show “Dahmer,” then you’re probably curious to know how much money Evan Peters made per episode. After all, he’s one of the main actors on the show and has been a fan favorite for years. So, just how much did he make per episode of “Dahmer”? Let’s take a closer look.

The Role of Evan Peters in Dahmer

Before we get into the specifics of Peters’ salary, let’s take a moment to appreciate his performance in “Dahmer.” In the show, Peters plays the role of Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer. His portrayal of Dahmer has been widely praised by both fans and critics, and it’s clear that he’s put a lot of effort into his performance.

Peters’ ability to bring the complex and dark character of Dahmer to life on the screen is truly remarkable. His dedication to the role is evident in every episode, and it’s no wonder that he’s considered one of the standout actors on the show.

Evan Peters’ Salary Per Episode

Now, let’s dive into the numbers. According to reports, Evan Peters was paid a staggering amount for his work on “Dahmer.” It’s been estimated that he made around $500,000 per episode, making him one of the highest-paid actors on the show.

Keep in mind that this figure is just an estimation, and the actual amount may vary. However, it’s clear that Peters’ salary for “Dahmer” is nothing short of impressive. His talent and dedication to the role have certainly paid off in more ways than one.

Evan Peters’ Impact on the Show

It’s no secret that Evan Peters’ performance in “Dahmer” has had a significant impact on the show’s success. His portrayal of the complex and disturbing character of Jeffrey Dahmer has captivated audiences and kept them coming back for more.

With his compelling performance, Peters has helped to elevate the show to new heights. His ability to bring depth and nuance to a character as dark as Dahmer is truly remarkable, and it’s clear that his presence on the show has been a major factor in its popularity.


In conclusion, Evan Peters’ salary per episode of “Dahmer” is an impressive testament to his talent and dedication as an actor. His portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer has been nothing short of exceptional, and it’s clear that his impact on the show has been significant. While the exact amount of his salary may vary, there’s no denying that Peters’ work on “Dahmer” has been well worth the investment.


How much money did Evan Peters make per episode of Dahmer?

It’s been estimated that Evan Peters made around $500,000 per episode of “Dahmer.”

What role does Evan Peters play in “Dahmer”?

Evan Peters plays the role of Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious serial killer, in the show “Dahmer.”

Has Evan Peters’ performance in “Dahmer” been well-received?

Yes, Peters’ performance as Jeffrey Dahmer has been widely praised by both fans and critics for its depth and nuance.

how much money did evan peters make per episode of dahmer
Evan Peters is a popular American actor known for his roles in various television shows and movies, including his work in the television series “American Horror Story.” In 2022, Peters took on the role of Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series “Dahmer.” The series follows the life of the notorious serial killer, and Peters’ performance in the show was widely praised by critics and audiences alike.

Peters’ salary for his role in “Dahmer” was reported to be around $175,000 per episode. This makes his earnings from the series quite substantial, considering that the show ran for 10 episodes. With this salary, Peters made a total of $1.75 million for his work on “Dahmer.”

Peters’ salary for “Dahmer” reflects his status as a highly sought-after actor in the industry. His ability to portray complex and challenging characters has earned him critical acclaim, and his performances have contributed to the success of the various projects he has been involved in.

The reported salary for Evan Peters’ role in “Dahmer” is in line with the compensation that top-tier actors command for their work in television shows. Given Peters’ track record of delivering compelling performances, it is not surprising that he would be paid a substantial amount for his portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer.

In addition to his salary for “Dahmer,” Peters has also garnered attention for his portrayal of other characters in television shows such as “American Horror Story” and “Pose,” as well as in films like “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Dark Phoenix.” His versatility as an actor has allowed him to take on a wide range of roles, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

It is worth noting that Peters’ salary for “Dahmer” represents just one aspect of his earnings as an actor. His work in other projects, as well as any potential future roles, will continue to contribute to his overall income and further establish his standing within the industry. With his talent and versatility, it is likely that Peters will continue to command substantial salaries for his work in the years to come. how much money did evan peters make per episode of dahmer