From Draft Day to Retirement: A Look at Peyton Hillis’ Career Earnings

From Draft Day to Retirement: A Look at Peyton Hillis’ Career Earnings

peyton hillis career earnings

Peyton Hillis was a standout NFL running back who enjoyed a successful career before retiring in 2014. Throughout his time in the league, Hillis amassed a significant amount of wealth through his contracts, endorsements, and other sources of income. Let’s take a closer look at Peyton Hillis’ career earnings and how he managed to achieve financial success during his time in the NFL.

The Early Years

Hillis was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft. As a late-round pick, Hillis’ initial contract was relatively modest compared to those of higher draft picks. However, he quickly made his mark in the league with his physical running style and versatility, which ultimately led to him negotiating a more lucrative contract.

Breakout Season with the Browns

After a trade to the Cleveland Browns, Hillis had a breakout season in 2010, rushing for over 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns. His performance on the field resulted in a significant increase in his earnings, as he signed a new contract with the Browns that reflected his contributions to the team.

Financial Success and Endorsements

Aside from his on-field earnings, Hillis also benefited from various endorsement deals throughout his career. His popularity and marketability, especially during his time with the Browns, allowed him to secure additional income through partnerships with companies and brands looking to capitalize on his success and appeal to fans.

Later Years and Retirement

Although injuries and other factors impacted his playing time in subsequent years, Hillis continued to earn a substantial income as a professional athlete until his retirement in 2014. His financial success throughout his career allowed him to secure his future and pursue other interests beyond football.


In conclusion, Peyton Hillis’ career earnings reflect the financial rewards that come with hard work, dedication, and success in the NFL. From his early years as a late-round draft pick to his breakout season and subsequent contracts, Hillis was able to capitalize on his talent and marketability to achieve significant financial success. His ability to secure endorsement deals further contributed to his overall earnings, demonstrating the value of a successful NFL career both on and off the field. As he transitioned into retirement, Hillis was able to do so with financial security thanks to his prudent management of his earnings during his playing days.


How much money did Peyton Hillis make in his NFL career?

Peyton Hillis earned approximately $10 million in salary and bonuses during his NFL career.

Did Peyton Hillis’ endorsement deals contribute significantly to his earnings?

Yes, Hillis’ endorsement deals with various companies and brands contributed to his overall earnings, allowing him to capitalize on his popularity and marketability as a successful NFL player.

What is Peyton Hillis doing now that he’s retired?

Since retiring from the NFL, Peyton Hillis has pursued various ventures, including business opportunities and charitable work, leveraging the financial success he achieved during his playing career.

peyton hillis career earnings
From his early days as a high school football player in Arkansas to his college years at the University of Arkansas, Peyton Hillis showed promise as a talented athlete with a bright future in the NFL. That promise became a reality when he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos, launching his professional football career. With his newfound fame and success, Hillis began to earn substantial income, signing a four-year rookie contract worth over $1.8 million, with a signing bonus of $84,000.

As Hillis’ career progressed, so did his earnings. In 2010, he was traded to the Cleveland Browns, where he continued to excel as a running back. This success led to a new contract with the Browns, in which he signed a one-year deal worth $565,000, including a workout bonus of $25,000. His stellar performance on the field also earned him the prestigious title of Madden NFL 12 cover athlete, solidifying his spot as a household name in the football world and further boosting his earnings through endorsements and sponsorships.

After his time with the Browns, Hillis went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Giants, where he continued to earn a sizable income through his contracts and various endorsements. By the time he announced his retirement from the NFL in 2015, Peyton Hillis had amassed a career earnings total of approximately $9.3 million, making him one of the most successful and well-compensated players in the league.

In addition to his on-field success and earnings, Hillis also made a significant impact off the field through his charitable work and philanthropy. Throughout his career, he participated in various community outreach programs and charity events, using his platform to make a positive difference in the lives of others. His contributions to the community further solidified his legacy as not only a talented athlete, but also a compassionate and generous individual.

From his humble beginnings as a seventh-round draft pick to his retirement as a highly respected and well-compensated NFL player, Peyton Hillis’ career earnings reflect the hard work and dedication he put into his football career. His success on the field not only translated to financial prosperity, but also allowed him to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others through his philanthropy and charitable efforts. As he transitioned into retirement, Hillis was able to look back on his career with pride, knowing that he had achieved great success both on and off the field. peyton hillis career earnings