How to Get Free-to-Air TV With a Digital TV Antenna

Pay  TV is a great provision that allows you to watch your favourite TV Antenna, films or sports competitions after a tiring day at work (or anytime you feel like spending time on the couch).

However, the service can get expensive. You would think, If only there were a way to get it for free.

Luckily, there is a way!

Did you know that TV antennas still exist today? A reliable digital TV antenna will allow you to watch selected TV stations for free – all without paying for a cable provider’s services.

What’s a Digital TV Antenna?

A digital TV antenna is designed to receive broadcast HDTV signals over the air. It lets your HDTV demodulate digital information to display high definition television.

Compared to cable or satellite TV, you may need to position the digital TV antenna differently at times so you can get the best reception. Although this may not be as convenient as cable TV, the significant savings you get each month make this truly worth it.

In fact, you might even get some channels from your broadcast TV that you didn’t get with your satellite TV. These include local TV channels that have programmings like re-runs of older TV shows and football games. You may also get public broadcast stations that have great educational and science programming.

You can get antennas for indoor or outdoor use. Some people opt for indoor antennas because they are quite easy to set up. Others prefer outdoor antennas that can be placed elsewhere on their home’s exterior, and feel like they get more channels to choose from. Choosing between these two options is usually a matter of personal preference.

What’s a Pre-amplifier?

Apart from the digital antenna itself, you might also need a pre-amplifier. This is a small device that must be connected to the antenna’s coaxial cable on its way to your TV. You will most likely need this device if the cable from the antenna to your TV is longer than 125cm.

Remember that the longer the cable is, the weaker the signal gets. To make sure that you do not lose any signal strength, getting a pre-amplifier is a must.

But before getting one, you must check if your antenna has a built-in pre-amp. Most outdoor digital TV antennas today already do.

Why Opt for Professional Digital TV Antenna Installation?

Although it may only take about several minutes for you to install a digital TV antenna and no tool may be required, it is recommended that you let a professional install it.

Installing your TV antenna is not as easy as connecting it to your TV. Rather, this involves dealing with video and audio cables and accessory devices. To avoid all this stress, have your digital TV antenna installed by specialists.

Incidentally, you may also need to invest in hedge trimming and pruning services to get rid of plants or tree branches that can alter the antenna’s signal strength. Treat these as investments rather than an added expense because the advantages definitely outweigh their cost.

Here’s why experienced technicians are the best people for the antenna installation job:

1. They will perfectly calibrate your new TV

If you just bought your TV, bear in mind that the settings provided out of its box are rarely ideal for your specific situation. They are meant to make a TV look great in the store where you bought it from, but are not awesome at all if you are to set it up in a low light lounge room.

By letting experts install your TV antenna, you can surely have your new television correctly configured from the outset.

2. They can deal with unexpected issues

You may never know what will happen once you add a new piece of technology to your entertainment hub. Ideally, everything will go smoothly, but there are instances wherein complex technical issues arise, leaving you at a loss as to what to do next. Thus, it is best to have a pro do the job.

Professional TV antenna installers have the right knowledge, skills and tools to deal with any issue that may emerge unexpectedly. A huge issue for a non-technical TV lover can be a simple fix to these TV and antenna experts.

3. They bring the benefit of visual perfection in various ways

TV antenna installation experts will measure and cut video and audio cables to ensure that they are only as long they need to be. Also, they can effectively hide cables and other items inside walls or behind objects. This way, you do not have to be distracted by them while you are watching, and your household is kept safe from potential safety hazards.

4. They ensure the best possible TV reception

Digital TV antenna installers will expertly integrate your antenna with your TV to make sure that you will get the best possible reception at all times. This will then eliminate the need for you to keep repositioning your antenna just so you can get a good reception.

With professional installation, your TV will look and work like a dream. You can now enjoy watching what you want in crystal-clear HD!