Oct 28, 2020
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Protections To Ask Your Roofer About

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It’s often been said that prevention is the best medicine. Any longtime homeowner can confirm that the same is true in maintaining a house. It’s always better to protect the structure from damage than have to repair it later. As exposed as it is to the elements, it’s important to discuss your roof with roofing contractors in Atlanta.

Roofs are exposed every few days, if not daily, to rain, changes in humidity, temperature, wind, and sometimes impact damage. The number of issues a homeowner might deal with are magnified even further if they live in an area with inclimate weather, like regular windstorms or hail.

If you live in an area like this, fear not. There are plenty of simple reinforcements a professional roofer can add to ensure that your roof stands the test of both time and the elements.

Protection From Wind

Racing winds can be a real menace to an unprepared roof. With enough speed, windstorms can lift, warp, and even completely tear shingles loose. A gap in asphalt shingles invites all sorts of further complications- moisture, compromising of the membranes beneath, or even rot in the frame of a home.

Your shingles aren’t the only part of your roof under threat from these winds, either. A strong enough gust can bend or even rip a gutter right off of a roof. If the wind itself isn’t enough, tree branches thrown by the storm might be. What’s more, a broken gutter is more than likely to take a few shingles with it.

To best prepare your shingles and gutters for a season of harsh winds, consider asking a roofer you trust about adding these protections:

  • Extra nails in your shingles
  • Wind and harsh weather resistant shingles
  • Extra gutter clips
  • Heavy duty gutter clips

Protection From Hail

In harsh-weather areas, wind is unfortunately not a singular concern. Your home may also come under fire from icy projectiles, up to an inch in diameter or larger. Hail damage can really wreak havoc on a standard-installation roof.

The impact of large hailstones can even inflict damage that runs deeper than the surface. Aside from knocking shingles or gutters loose, hail can dimple and otherwise damage the protective membranes inside the roof. But, if you have or find a roofer you trust, they will know a few specialized products to stop damage like this before it happens.

Roofer About

You can minimize, and even prevent most hail damage by having the following installed before the storm:

  • Impact resistant shingles
  • Heavy duty gutter clips
  • Harsh weather resistant underlayment and sheathing (beneath your shingles)

A Parting Tip

Whether you’re more likely to deal with wind, hail, or both, there is another universal tip to prevent damage. This is something you may need to talk to a landscaper about, rather than a roofer, or simply do it yourself (carefully). Trim any tree branches remotely close to your roof.

A harsh storm has the potential to tear and toss branches into your roof. No matter what you’ve done to protect it, a large piece of wood thrown at seventy miles an hour still has the potential to damage your home. Nip this problem in the bud by trimming branches away regularly.

Don’t wait for costly repairs to catch up with you. Armor your home with the help of a roofer you trust, and avoid the headache altogether.

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