Signs That You Should Change Your Locks

Signs That You Should Change Your Locks

We rely on locks every day. Turning a key or working a deadbolt switch in the back is so boring that you don’t think much about it at all. We just expect the door to be securely locked. But like any piece of hardware, locks are prone to damage and corrosion over time. Check your locks from time to time to avoid compromising your home’s security. It may need a little maintenance, especially if you see any of the below mentioned warning signs:

Malfunctioning Or Damaged Locks

This is probably the most apparent and most glaring sign that your lock requires replacement. If the lock is damaged, you may have trouble turning the key, or worse, the door may not lock or open at all. If this ever happens to your door, it’s best to be take action beforehand and look for alternatives before risking a complete lockout.

Wear and Tear

Whatever you think of kitchen appliances, your keys are probably the most used appliance. However, the frequent locking and unlocking of the door increases the wear and tear on the lock itself, making it more likely to be vulnerable to damage over time. This is particularly true for locks that come with the house or apartment, where it is difficult to determine the age, or where the previous owner applied extra force to the lock. Outer locks can also be damaged by natural influences. As the lock begins to rust, it weakens from the inside, making it harder to lock but more susceptible to break-ins.

Moving Into New Home

Once you move into a house or apartment, replacing your existing old locks is the very first step you should take to ensure security. In most cases, landlords and property managers will not replace locks that are still functioning, irrespective of whether that lock has been used by a number of homeowners or tenants. This poses a potential security risk as the previous owner or renter, as well as the friend or family member who created the duplicate key, may still have the key. These individuals cannot be considered malicious. However, to prevent smooth theft, it is best to replace the old lock with a new lock.

Signs You Should Replace Your Door Locks

Recent Burlglary Incidents

If you or a resident of your apartment complex or neighbourhood has recently been a victim of a burglary, it’s almost mandatory to change the locks. If a burglar attempts to break in, there is a high chance that the locking system is compromised and the door will not close or latch properly. However, if the thief removes the lock, or uses an improperly hidden spare key then it certainly requires replacement. Because the lock is not secure enough, there is a risk of being targeted by criminals again. Replacing the lock solves both problems.

Changing Security Protocols

To assess if a new key is needed, you often have to look outside. A single cylinder lock may have worked for you in the past, but if you notice that your neighborhood is becoming less secure, it’s time to replace your old lock with a more secure one. Come. Increased robberies, increased instances of violence and vandalism are all signs that your neighborhood is not safe anymore. When crime makes its way into your area, homes that have weak security systems and large numbers of keys are often the first targets.

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