Sprinkler System Installation in Simcoe, Ontario

Sprinkler System Installation in Simcoe, Ontario

After buying our new home in Simcoe, Ontario during the pandemic my husband and I learnt that homeowners have A LOT of maintenance jobs specifically when it comes to maintaining a nice green lawn. For the first year we found all our upkeep to be manageable since we were working from home. Now that we are back to work, we are travelling and are too busy for yard work.

That was when we found a solution for our dried-out yard, a local Norfolk County company installed sprinklers for us and we have never been happier! Our lawn no longer looked like we deserted our house and care about our neighbourhood’s curb appeal.

Yard Work

Our whole landscape irrigation project was an unforeseen problem. We never thought of the yard work that was to come with our first home purchase. Previously living in a condo for 6 years, we had everything outside of our walls taken care of for us. When we chose our house, we fell in love with the interior of the house instantly. We didn’t care what was happening outside, we couldn’t even tell our family what it looked like.

When we went through the last walk through of the house before moving in, we noticed how gorgeous our yard was. Groomed bushes and flower gardens. Lush green grass in the front and the backyard. Excited to have backyard gatherings to show off our luscious landscaping, we never knew what efforts it took to maintain such a gorgeous landscape.

Our first summer consisted of watering the gardens and grass every morning and night with our hose and sprinkler. Moving it over every 30 mins to keep it all evenly distributed. It wasn’t a pain to do because we were home with our work.

During evening walks we noticed our new neighbourhood had many irrigation sprinkler systems in their yards. Those houses have the most vibrant grass! We muttered our jealousy to ourselves every day.

Neglected Lawn

The next spring, we were back to our office jobs and no longer had the luxury of morning and evening lawn watering. The yard started to dry out with the annual drought that comes every June. Of course, we noticed that the neighbours with irrigation sprinklers had superior grass still. That was when we decided it was time to start researching about sprinkler systems and their cost.

We didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on the installation and product. Also, we were worried that the sprinkler system would cause our water bill to skyrocket.

My husband had been on a walk one night and saw a Norfolk Sprinkler Guys truck for installing an irrigation sprinkler system. He took a pic with his phone of the company, and I quickly went to the website to see.

The Norfolk County company has an up-to-date website that is loaded with information I was seeking. I compared to other local irrigation companies and couldn’t be more confident that they were the right guys for our job!

Irrigation Consultation

The sprinkler irrigation company came to our house in Simcoe and did a thorough walk around our yard. My husband was very concerned about few things and needed to know the outcome before committing to a system.

The concerns were quickly addressed by the contractor. We were worried our yard was going to be destroyed installing the sprinkler system, how costly it was going to be, will the water bill skyrocket and how do we take care of the irrigation system once it is installed.

The system itself gets buried under about 8-12 inches of soil. So, that meant there would be trenches dug out across the lawn. The good news was that they are not huge and once the soil is put back around the pipes, grass grows back perfectly with the sprinkler system.

Commercial Irrigation System Tips - The Home Depot

For the cost of the system, we felt it was a very fair. Even more exciting was the latter portion of the answer… Irrigation systems save money on water! The brand of sprinkler system we were going to choose has water saving capabilities.

Lastly, our concern about maintaining our irrigation system was eased. The sprinkler installation company has a seasonal maintenance program that is beyond reasonable. That leaves us with less cost-on water and no worries with the system maintenance and installation. Winning!

Sprinkler Irrigation Installation

On installation day we were thrilled at the quality and professionalism we received. The contractor that we had our consultation with was spearheading the project. He had the trenches dug out and pipes in so fast we barely had time to see everything. Our strips of trenches were very minimal around the lawn and cleaned up well after installation.

I half expected to have a mess of dirt and uneven lawn humps all over. That wasn’t the case at all! We were called over to the system to get a run down on how the sprinklers work and where to not mow over to keep our product safe.

We chose the irrigation system that pops up and has a rain gauge. They don’t turn on if they sense that it has rained. Even more money saving!

Fall Irrigation Maintenance

Once fall came around we had zero worries with our sprinkler irrigation system. The irrigation installation company showed up to our Simcoe, Ontario home just as booked and took our sprinklers off properly for the winter. We never would have remembered or wanted to do this vital part of irrigation maintenance ourselves.

Thankful that the company has the seasonal maintenance packages. Even with discounts on parts needed too!

The sprinkler irrigation system is so convenient for us that we refer the local company to everyone that complements our gorgeous thick green lawn! Curb appeal is very important to keeping the value up of your house and neighbourhood. A great investment for those who dislike lawn care or simply don’t have the time to nurture your landscape.

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