The Dangers Of Having Trees Around Your Home In Sydney.

The Dangers Of Having Trees Around Your Home In Sydney.

If you are reading this article then it’s highly likely that you either planted a tree many years ago to celebrate a certain milestone in your life or you moved into the property and a tree was already there. In both situations, you are now getting to the point where the tree seems to be getting out of control and you’re no longer able to cut it back and prune it. If your tree was well cared for then it probably looks fantastic in your yard and believe it or not, but they do add value to your property. You don’t know the history of this tree if you have just purchased the property and so it might be best to have a professional look at it.

Even if the tree is in good health, there can be a high likelihood that during particularly strong storms branches can be broken from the tree that can actually damage your home. If you just don’t feel comfortable with the tree on your property then you need Northern Beaches tree removal services. If you’re still a little bit on the fence about whether or not you want to keep your tree then the following are just some of the issues that many homeowners across Australia face every day.

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  • The roof gets damaged – Limbs can fall off a tree at any time and if the tree is so close to your house then there is a high likelihood that these same limbs will fall onto the roof of your property. If you are lucky, only your tiles will be damaged or moved and these can be put back into place. However, if the limb is big enough then the whole support structure of the roof may be damaged and you are looking at a significant amount of money to get this fixed.
  • Roots can cause a lot of damage – It may not be apparent to you right now but the roots from a tree can make their way underneath your property and damage the actual foundations over time. The tree roots will naturally spread out from the base of the tree and so if they are too close to your house then this puts a lot of pressure on the cement that actually supports the weight of your property.
  • Your guttering gets clogged – We all rely on our guttering to take away all of the rainwater from the roof of our properties and away from the base as well. If you have a large tree overlooking your property then it is going to shed leaves throughout the year as well as small twigs and branches. These will help to clog up your guttering and so you’re going to be up and down a ladder throughout the year trying to clear this out.

A tree is a beautiful thing to have in your yard but you also need to think of the cost implications as well. If you experience the three things above then you’re looking at a significant amount of money and time to keep it all in check.