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Top 6 Sliding Door Blinds Ideas

Fancy windows and sliding doors—especially ones that look out to a patio or balcony—leave a lasting impression on visitors and are extremely aesthetically appealing. While they make the room look spacious and appealing, their maintenance requires particular attention on your part. Some easy maintenance like window rollers replacement, cleaning, and attractive coverings can double the aesthetic beauty of windows and sliding doors.

Sliding doors have two sections; one is fixed, while you can slide the other one to let in fresh air and light. Such doors and windows are becoming a preference in the modern interior because of the easy access to the outside that they offer.

There can be several benefits of having a sliding door that looks out to an outdoor view but some planning and creative ideas are required to dress your sliding doors. You might want to look up for ideas that not only go well with your interior but also do not hinder the movement of screen door rollers.

Here are some ideas for sliding door blinds to help you get started:

1. Drapery

Using custom drapes for your sliding doors and windows can give a timeless look to your interior. The most significant benefit of using luxurious curtains is that you have a wide array of colors, patterns, fabric to choose from. You can use a variety of options as per the need of your space.

With custom drapes, you don’t have to settle less than what you had in mind. You can choose the ones that you like, the pattern that goes with your interior, and the fabric that you want. You can get pre-made drapery or even custom drapery to design a stunning interior. Since you can order in custom widths and lengths, you can order the size that perfectly fits your patio door or sliding window.

2. Sliding Panels

If you want a more modern and sleek style to make your sliding door pop out, you can go for a more contemporary option: sliding panels. These are thin coverings that look like screens and can be beautiful window treatments for your sliding door. You can choose from a wide variety of shades, fabrics, and designs to suit your needs. They are mainly for your space if you have children and pets because they are cordless and very convenient to clean.

Sliding panels are also known as panel tracks. Despite the narrow design, they are great at blocking sunlight. The different colors and textures available in the market allow you to give a touch of your personal style to your space.

3. Vertical Blinds

Another attractive alternative for slide door blinds is using vertical blinds over your sliding door. You probably already know how much sunlight can pour in especially if you have a large sized door. Using vertical blinds will save your furniture and will add to the appeal of the interior. You can find them in different varieties like wood, vinyl, aluminum, fabric, etc.

When choosing vertical blinds, keep in mind the benefits of each option and how it can turn out for your indoor space. Although choosing aluminum vertical blinds will offer you a wide range of options for colors, they can be damaged or bent easily. Likewise, choosing a vinyl option can have environmental and durability issues. If you are confused, then going for a low-cost stitch-bonded fabric or a slightly high-priced woven fabric can be very stylish choices as well.

4. Solar Shades

Solar shades can be an excellent alternative to vertical blinds for a minimalist. You can use floor-length solar shades made of thin fabric, and they would still give the same benefits as those from using vertical blinds. Solar blinds will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but they will also be beneficial in blocking out bright UV rays. For a Scandinavian design, you can go for a pair of white solar blinds for your sliding door and then match up the interior with them as well.

5. Roman Shades

Another stellar idea for your sliding glass door blinds is using Roman shades. They are perfect for adding some added style and character to your indoor space. They are most suitable for formal coverings of glass doors or huge windows. There are endless patterns, colors, prints, fabrics, and flat Roman shades to choose from. You can fold them up neatly at the top when you want to raise them or let them lie flat when you want to block sunlight.

Apart from the luxurious style, Roman shades are also better at temperature control as compared to other options. In winter, you can fold them high during the day to let sunlight warm up your space while in summer, you can prevent overheating by opening the shades in the evening.

6. Shutter Bypass Tracks

Although shutters are a high-end option for sliding door blinds, they are worth the price. They are not only beautiful but also offer great convenience. You can easily clean them and benefit from their durability. Shutter bypass tracks allow each shutter panel to slide over the other smoothly. They are great at separating your indoor space from the outdoors. You can also benefit from light control and the added warmth that comes with the use of these stylish blinds.

You can choose from a variety of different contemporary colors, but white shutter bypass tracks can be an ornate addition to your interior. Shutter Bypass Tracks has a divider rail that works as a built-in handle for the convenient opening and closing of shutters.


You can enhance the aesthetics of your interior and provide an attractive covering for your sliding doors with any of the ideas mentioned above. While Roman shades, solar blinds, and regular sliding door blinds look gorgeous, opening them completely is a bit of a hassle. You might not want to open the blind completely every time you want to slide open the door to your patio or balcony. It is, therefore, best to keep your needs and interior in mind before choosing an option for your sliding door.

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