Typical Services Offered by a Leading Blocked Drain Specialist in Sydney

Typical Services Offered by a Leading Blocked Drain Specialist in Sydney

Every seasoned homeowner knows about blocked drains, something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy and your local drain unblocking contractor would offer a range of services, as listed below.

  • CCTV Inspection – When you buy an old property, it is wise to engage blocked drain services to carry out a video inspection. How do they do this? A small but indestructible buggy is fitted with hi-res cams and is sent remotely along the drainage system, able to stop at any point, swivel and zoom to get a close-up of a blockage.
  • Unblocking – The most common call out for a drain specialist is dealing with blockages; foreign objects end up in the system, along with food waste and other nasty stuff, it is easy for something to become attached to the inner pipe surface and that is the start of a major blockage. Of course, the tough part is locating the blockage, which is where CCTV comes into play, then the right tools are used to remove the obstacle. If you had ideas to unblock it yourself, be aware that 90% of DIY fixes actually make the problem worse!
  • Pipe relining –Old pipes collapse; it might be due to ground subsidence or just age and a section of collapsed drain requires excavation and replacement of the broken section, which is a messy and costly job. Pipe relining is a cheap and permanent fix, rather than replacing the damaged section, a sleeve is inserted and inflated, enabling flow; most drain specialists offer pipe relining, which saves a lot of money and is a permanent fix. You may not know about the unique language of floors, here is some info.

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  • System flush – The technician uses a powerful pump to force water at high pressure through the entire network of pipes, which cleans the residue and prevents future blockages. When a blockage is removed, the contractor would suggest a power flush as a matter of course.
  • Drain patches – In some cases, there is a small breach in a pipe and once the CCTV buggy locates the site, the technician can see exactly what is required. Why replace a complete section of a pipe when it can be patched? The technician has a fully equipped mobile workshop which means any issue can be fixed on the spot.

The contractor uses state-of-the-art equipment and is therefore ready for any drain scenario; most offer an emergency service (some with no call-out fee) and can be at your home within a few minutes. All he requires is access and in no time, he is ready to carry out the work and your drains will flow once again.

If you have recently moved into an older property and you would like to know about the condition of the drainage system, search online for Sydney’s leading drain unblocking specialist and let the professionals do a full inspection.